Pharmacist Stumbles Through Simple Questions and ADMITS: ‘I Should Not Be Giving These Jabs At All’ (FULL CLIP)


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As the contagious yet extremely mild Omicron SARS-CoV-2 variant spreads across the country, Americans are facing an uptick in medical tyranny in the form of vaccine-related mandates, passports, and restrictions. This all comes despite the fact that vaccination does little to nothing in stopping the transmission of the virus.

The newly-rushed push to force vaccinate all Americans against their will is alive and well, but per usual, the health regime, pharmacies and companies are hiding information from us citizens.

After being told to ‘trust the science,’ which has mostly turned out utterly wrong since the onset of the pandemic, Americans are now finding it difficult to even get differing opinions on alternative medicines to fight the virus, in place of or in addition to vaccination.

And in a new clip posted to Twitter by Aaron Ginn, a pharmacist is seen stumbling through a patient’s simple questions about safety warnings of the jab. When asked why the vaccine’s safety study and warning sheet is totally blank, the pharmacist fumbles with the paper, saying the information is enclosed, then realizing it is indeed blank.

“Why is it intentionally blank if it’s all the safety studies and [such],” the patient asks the pharmacist. The man responds, saying he doesn’t know, and that he will have to “find it online.”

To this, the patient continues her line of questioning, asking, “How is it informed consent when all of the safety studies, placebo safety studies, are not listed from the manufacturer?”

“That’s a great question … I would talk to CVS about that,” the clueless pharmacist responds. In rebuttal, the patient asks, “So, if we don’t know what we’re injecting into ourselves, I don’t understand how that is informed consent?”

“You’re exactly right … I should not be giving these vaccines at all.” When asked why he is administering the vaccines at all, then, he stumbles, saying, “Because I am, because I am told to.”

He then asks the patient to trust him that the vaccines are all safe and effective, which the female patient then jumps on, asking which studies he’s referring to when making that claim. Needless to say, he cannot answer this question.


“Right now, I am feeling totally inadequate as a pharmacist,” he says near the end of the clip shared. Totally inadequate is an understatement, sir. This clip should be alarming to all Americans, and as medical tyranny in the name of ‘health’ continues, subscribe here to stay up to date.


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