POLL: Trump or DeSantis for GOP Nomination in 2024?


For months, whispers of a brewing clash between Republican heavyweights Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis were only speculative.

Then, Trump broke the silence with a public rebuke of Florida’s popular Governor, dubbing DeSantis, “DeSanctimonious” at a rally. Since then, the friction has only grown.

DeSantis’ resounding 19-point victory in Florida put pressure on the former President, and Trump even released a scathing memo claiming he made DeSantis’ political career. Days later, after weeks of teasing a 2024 run, Trump officially threw his hat in the ring.

While DeSantis has yet to announce – or even suggest – a run for the 2024 GOP nomination, his resounding victory in Florida has only further cemented the possibility of a faceoff between him and the reigning Republican nominee, Trump.

Many conservatives and right-leaning voters are split between the two, so we wanted to give our audience the ability to voice their opinion at this early stage in the 2024 cycle…

Do you support Trump or DeSantis for President in 2024?

Do you support Trump or DeSantis for President in 2024?

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Once the results are in, we’ll share a report on our audience’s opinions.

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12 Responses

  1. LC says: While Trump had some great policies and did some great things the first time around, I am tired of his arrogance, name calling and Drama.

  2. I would vote for Trump again…even tho, I also would “like to see what DiSantis…, a different type of personality can do. I worry that Trump would go on his “name-calling spree”and personality trashing & that turns me right off! Trump ran this country as a business and it worked…It seems people “today” are voting for “personalities’ rather than for their abilities. FORGIVE THEM LORD, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO!

  3. Republicans are, unwisely, going to nominate Trump. When Trump runs against Bid
    en the result is going to be exactly the same again.

  4. Do what you did in 2016……to many people think you’re becoming too toxic, and won’t vote for you even though your the best candidate to get us out of Brandons mess. Forget the I’m better then anyone else attitude and don’t make fun of anyone running against you. Take the advise if you want to win.

  5. Republicans will let the woke media get DeSantis nominated and then the woke media will smack down DeSantis for approving Florida’s abortion ban after 15 weeks gestation, thereby assuring that the Democrat base is sufficiently energized for 2024. Republicans could have countered the Democrat strategy in 2022 by pointing out that SCOTUS ruled that federal legislators have no constitutional authority over abortion access because authority over abortion belongs to the states.

  6. I voted for Trump before but will not vote for him again. He is a bully and is disparaging of others, even those in his party.

  7. I voted for Trump in 2016 but he has become too toxic for the Republicans. Time for someone who is not such a narcissist in 2024.

  8. With the help of the left, Trump has disenfranchised too many American loving patriots to be sure we win in 2024. He needs to back off his sanctimonious attitude and again relate to the people whose vote will help any Republican win. What we all want and need is a win. no matter who it is.

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