POWERFUL New Trump Statement Calls for Biden’s Resignation “in Disgrace”


trump speaking to military calling for biden resignation
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Trump says Afghanistan withdrawal would have been ‘much more successful’ under his presidency

President Biden’s poor handling of the situation in Afghanistan has prompted former President Donald Trump to make the statement that the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan would have been “much more successful” if he were still president.

In April of 2021, President Joe Biden announced a plan to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, starting May 1st, 2021, and concluding on September 11th, 2021, the twentieth anniversary of the September 11th terror attacks. As US troops were gradually being withdrawn from the country, the Taliban, a radical Islamic militia group specific to Afghanistan, begun to seize key cities and areas throughout the nation of Afghanistan.

In a July 8th, 2021 press conference, President Biden said that “there’s going to be no circumstance where you are going to see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the United States from Afghanistan.”

In an unfortunate turn of events, that scenario is what ended up happening. And the images following have been horrific.

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As the United States embassy in Afghanistan is being evacuated due to the threat of the Taliban, many individuals and political commentators, up to and including former President Trump, have been very critical of President Biden’s handling of the situation.

USA Today posted an article on Sunday with the headline “is Kabul ‘Biden’s Saigon,’” a reference that compares the Afghanistan situation to the instance of the United States pulling out of Saigon, Vietnam in 1975, which is contrary to President Biden’s statement.

Former President Donald Trump’s administration had advocated for and planned on withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan, however, Trump wanted it done by May 1st, 2021. “I wish Joe Biden wouldn’t use September 11th as the date to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan, for two reasons,” said Trump. “First, we can and should get out earlier. Nineteen years is enough, in fact, far too much and way too long.”

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Trump went on to say that “September 11th represents a very sad event and period for our country and should remain a day of reflection and remembrance honoring those great souls we lost.” On Sunday, former President Donald Trump called on President Biden to “resign in disgrace.”

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