Communist Twitter Censors Hydroxychloroquine, Allows Chinese Propaganda


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Even during the coronavirus epidemic, Big Tech continues to demonstrate its leftist bias. President Trump along with other conservatives have mentioned that the drug hydroxychloroquine may be helpful in treating COVID-19 patients. Twitter is not taking kindly to this, as it removed posts by Laura Ingraham and Rudy Giuliani speaking positively about the drug. It claimed these posts contained ‘misinformation’. The website also removed a post by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in which he spoke positively about the drug and mentioned how social distancing would harm the economy.

However, Twitter did not remove blatant propaganda by a Chinese official from its website. Zhao Lijian, current deputy director of the Foreign Ministry Information Department, tried to blame the United States for starting the COVID-19 outbreak. This is but one example of how China has tried to shift blame away from itself. Previously, the Chinese government claimed the origins of the virus were ‘uncertain’, and at one point mentioned it may have originally come from Italy. Recently, China has said the number of COVID-19 cases has gone down in their country, though many people are justifiably skeptical of this claim. 

It is worth noting that President Trump, Laura Ingraham, and others who speak positively about hydroxychloroquine are not saying it is an absolute cure. They do believe, however, that it looks promising right now. People are desperate for a cure, and while we do not have enough information yet on how to cure the virus, the drug hydroxychloroquine may be helpful. Physician’s Weekly found the drug had a positive impact on coronavirus patients, though the sample size was small. The Food and Drug Administration(FDA) recently issued an emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine. 

Twitter is not more qualified to speak about medical issues than any of the people speaking well of hydroxychloroquine. The Tech Giant is making this a political issue, censoring conservatives who give support for the drug. While it is true that we do not know everything about how to best treat coronavirus, it is ironic that Twitter labels these posts ‘misinformed’ while it does not address conspiracy theories about the virus itself. Americans should all be united in fighting coronavirus, and stand against censoring people who are looking for solutions.  

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