PUPPET PRESIDENT: Kamala Takes Another Call with Foreign Leader; Biden Hasn’t Held a Presser in Months


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Vice President Kamala Harris has made yet another phone call with a foreign leader — without President Biden. On Tuesday, the White House released a readout of Harris’ conversation with Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Norway, saying that she “affirmed her commitment to deepening the strong alliance between Norway and the United States.”

The two agreed on advancing global health and women’s well-being while acknowledging the need for more cooperation on COVID-19 and climate change.

Why it matters:

  • Vice President Harris has made more solo phone calls with foreign leaders than former Vice President Mike Pence, and even Biden himself, according to a Fox News report.
  • Since joining the administration, Harris has spoken with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Immanuel Macron, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • Considering President Biden’s age of 78, Harris’s enthusiasm in foreign affairs is seen by some as a preparation for when she becomes President.

What they’re saying:

Biden continues to forget names routinely, and he has failed to hold a press conference during the past month and a half. The next few months could be very telling for the future of the 46th President.

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