REPORT: Cuomo’s Office Called Accuser on Her Honeymoon in an Attempt to Control Damage


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Ana Liss, a former Cuomo aide, says that the Governor’s office called her in an attempt to control her story — while she was on her honeymoon.

This is just the latest in the never-ending saga of embattled Governor Andrew Cuomo. Six accusers — including Liss — have now leveled allegations of either inappropriate touching or sexual harassment against the Governor.

Ana Liss first opened up about her experiences in the Governor’s office after receiving a call from the first accuser, Lindsay Boylan. Boylan told Liss that she had noticed the way she was treated by Cuomo, and asked if she had any stories she would like to tell.

The office of New York Attorney General Leticia James says it is kicking off an investigation, but many doubt the Governor will face any real consequences for his misdeeds.

Cuomo is also embroiled in an ongoing investigation into his office’s cover-up of nursing home deaths in the state.


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