Radical Leftists and Vanity Fair Cancel Baby Yoda, Accuse the Fictional Character of Committing “Unspeakable Genocide”


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Wednesday, Vanity Fair published an article, completely seriously, accusing beloved Star Wars character Baby Yoda of committing “genocide.” According to Vanity, Baby Yoda “remorselessly snacked on eggs of an endangered galactic species.”

In reality, these scenes were meant to be comedic relief, since (like we all know) Baby Yoda is adorable! Star Wars insider Phil Szostak was also confused with the fan backlash. On Twitter, he clarified that the eggs were “unfertilized” meaning it is the equivalent of a human eating a chicken egg.

Still Vanity Fair disagreed. According to the magazine, the scene was “unspeakable” since it depicted a “personal invasion, and a potential extinction-level event.”

Vanity’s intelligent fans agreed. One reader wrote that they hated Baby Yoda, “because he ate the eggs of a lady frog and her species. ITS AN EXTINCTION!!!!” Another wrote that the scene was “celebrating genocide.”

It seems odd that these fans were so upset about a fictional species, considering thousands of real endangered species need attention. Instead of complaining about Baby Yoda, perhaps these social justice warriors should use their resources to save the American Buffalo or the Bald Eagle.

SPOILER ALERT: For clarification, the female frog in “Mandalorian” conceives her babies in the next episode, meaning her species is secure. However, it remains unclear if Baby Yoda will be secure from the PC Police moving forward.

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