Rep. Massie Suggests THIS Clip Shows a Fed Encouraging Jan. 6 Crowds to BREACH Capitol


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At a hearing regarding January 6 Thursday, Republican Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) questioned Attorney General Merrick Garland about whether federal agents encouraged the Capitol breach.

We know from records that there was at least one federal agent in the crowd on that day, but a large portion of America believes there were many more involved, stoking the fires. Massie seems to think so as well.

Here is Massie drilling Garland on the matter, to no avail.

Massie later took to Twitter to share the clip that he played for Garland on an iPad during today’s hearing:

THE SPIN: The clip Massie played for Garland is not hard proof of a federal agent inciting the riots. However, when a respected lawmaker makes such a suggestion, it begs our attention.

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  1. They identified so many regular citizens why hasn’t this guy been identified? What is is background? Where is he from? What is/was his employment? Anyone can buy a Trump hat. Was he a government plant to make sure people were urged to go in the capital? Other video from inside building show people let in by police/guards, just walking around looking like tourists. We will never know the truth as this is not a non biased investigation.

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