REPORT: Biden Allies Drumming Up SMEAR CAMPAIGNS Against Potential Witnesses in House GOP’s Hunter Probe


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Allies and family friends of President Joe Biden are scheming to come up with a response to the future investigations House Republicans are planning when they take control of the House chamber in January, according to new reports.

The Republicans, led by potential House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, have promised to open investigations into Hunter Biden’s business dealings with foreign countries and address the possible implications for President Biden.

But according to the New York Post, Biden’s allies are already developing plans to discredit and smear potential witnesses who could come forward with damaging information about Hunter and Joe.

The Pro-Biden schemers met at a powwow, which was described as “Biden family ‘allies’ planning an offensive to blunt any investigation into the Bidens’ alleged multimillion-dollar influence-peddling schemes.”

However, actors insist that they are in no way affiliating or coordinating with the Biden family. Referencing the Washington Post, the New York Post reports, “[Allies] are operating separately from the White House. David Brock said his organization also remains independent of Hunter Biden and is following his own strategy.” 

Investigating Hunter Biden, his father as Vice President, and their shared overseas business dealings was one of the House Republicans’ top promises ahead of the midterms. Hunter Biden had several shady business deals while his father was Vice President under Obama, including specific instances in Ukraine (especially with firm Burisma) and China.

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Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Kevin Morris, has been playing a more active role in response to the calling for investigations as he has been active with the Biden family. He plans on “using a more aggressive campaign against critics and witnesses and the possibility of using defamation lawsuits against potential witnesses.”

Several Democratic-connected groups, including the “Congressional Integrity Project,” have promised a response to the investigations, and Morris has reportedly outlined a plan with “extensive research on two potential witnesses against Hunter Biden- a business partner named Tony Bobulinski, and John Paul Mac Isaac.”

John Paul owned the computer repair shop in Delaware where Hunter dropped off his laptop. 

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