REPORT: Biden Regime Scheming To Effectively Ban Hunting And Fishing In Massive Chunks Of America


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The Biden administration is reportedly pushing for new regulations that would greatly restrict hunting and fishing on federal lands.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s regulation efforts would restrict the use of certain types of critical equipment for hunters and anglers alike – including low-cost lead bullets and even widely-used fishing equipment.

In essence, the agency would be creating a massive barrier for millions by banning the items and materials most used by hunters and anglers.

“They’re doing this basically by banning the most common forms of hunting cartridges that most people buy off the shelf and requiring that no lead cartridges be used on any federal lands,” says Luke Hilgemann, the Executive Director of the International Order of T. Roosevelt, a foundation focused on preserving the right to hunt and fish in America.

Hilgemann discussed the regulations in a podcast clip posted to Twitter.


Hilgemann also spoke to Fox News on the matter:

International Order of T. Roosevelt (IOTR) Executive Director Luke Hilgemann, is spearheading the effort to get constitutional amendments on the ballot in several states in 2024 to secure the right to hunt and fish across the country.

“What we see here with the rule coming out of the Biden administration is the potential to close millions of acres of public lands that had been opened under the Trump administration to hunting and fishing,” Hilgemann told Fox News Digital. “They’re doing this basically by banning the most common forms of hunting cartridges that most people buy off the shelf and requiring that no lead cartridges be used on any federal lands.”

“If that happens, that’s going to force people to go back out and buy different kinds of cartridges that simply aren’t available at the levels that it needs to be in order for us to meet the demand of hunters in the field,” he added. 

9 Responses

  1. In medieval England, this is part of how peasants were kept down — by laws decreeing that only the King could hunt in large royal parks throughout the country, known as forests.

    Partly because of this, legends sprung up of gangs out outlaws who lived in the forests, shooting the King’s deer [harts] as they pleased and robbing from the rich to feed the poor.

    1. they dont want you eating from it. only infested lab meat, fake meat, and bugs. this way you die faster.

  2. Lead ammunition is a huge problem for the environment because of………………………………..Insert made up stuff here.

  3. That will result in a lot of poaching of the King’s deer, along with a lot of dead federal agents attempting to enforce such a ban.

  4. Since the 30’s there has been an 11% tax on guns, ammo, and fishing equipment (The Pittman- Roberson Act) in order to pay for habitat for hunters and fishing. That tax needs to go away if Biden does this.

    But the elephant in the room is that the Constitution spells out exactly what is allowed to be federal land and 90% of what the feds claim is actually state land.

  5. So basically, there’s No hunting in the Royal Forest. These commies are trying all the tricks to destroy America and especially conservatives.

    1. Exactly. Apparently they want to make Feudalism great again. All us peons will be expected to eat our bug soup and 3D printed fake meat sandwiches.

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