JUST IN: FBI Agents Turn On Bureau, Write Letter Slamming Agency For Political Weaponization: ‘It’s Time To Clean House’ (FULL TEXT)


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Several former FBI agents, many of whom served for more than 20 years, have called for a “cleaning house” of the bureau and blasted the agency for the politicization that has infected the agency in the last couple of years in a letter anonymously sent exclusively to the Daily Caller

“We agree privately and uniformly that [the] FBI is heading in the wrong direction and has been too entrenched with partisan politics, starting from Director Comey and intensified under Director Christopher Wray. We identified with Nicole Parker’s claim that ‘The FBI became politically weaponized, starting from the top in Washington trickling down to the field offices,’ illustrated by inflating domestic violent extremism statistics, directing big tech companies to censor Americans, conducting an unprecedented raid on President Trump’s home while suppressing key details related to the Hunter Biden probe as ‘disinformation’ and so on. We have observed firsthand that too many current FBI agents are suffering low morale and too many Americans have lost trust in the FBI,” the agents said in their letter to the Daily Caller. 

Several agents, both former and current, have also gone on the record to express their concerns about the politicization, and how the politicization has affected the recruitment efforts. 

The agents went on to describe the favoritism of the FBI toward the Biden family during the string of ethical issues they’ve had over the past couple of years, and during the most recent election cycle. 

Former FBI agent, Nicole Parker, who served from 2011 to 2022, testified in April in front of a House oversight committee, and said “It’s as if, there became two FBIs.”


Several House Republicans have accused Anthony Blinken of working in connection with the FBI and intelligence officials to come up with Biden talking points about Russian disinformation during the 2020 debates. 

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Biden famously stated during one of the debates in 2020 that then-President Trump was using Russian disinformation by using the Hunter Biden laptop issue. “There are more than 50 former intelligence folks who said that what he’s accusing me of, is a Russian plant,” citing the issue of the laptop, and Hunter’s emails.

“It is no exaggeration to say that [the] FBI has no longer functioned as an apolitical agency, an agency with no bias. The top two floors of the Hoover building are filled with self-served and greedy bureaucrats, not doers, just talkers. It’s time to clean house, restore public trust and start over. A thorough investigation is justified. Creating a select subcommittee and opening up investigation is a step in the right direction. More FBI agents need to come forward, tell the truth and uncover the extent of the FBI’s weaponization. Change only happens when we fight for it. I believe deeply that we need a reformed FBI. To address and fix the problems, we should first identify the problems,” wrote the agents.

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