REPORT: Maxine Waters Funneled Millions in Campaign Cash to Her Daughter


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Democratic California Representative Maxine Waters has paid her daughter, Karen Waters, a total of $1.1 million since 2003, Fox News reports. Based on Federal Election Commission records, Waters’ daughter received 30 payments, a total of $250,000, from the 2020 election alone. 

Most payments go to her daughter’s company, a slate mailer management, to organize a mailer, and GOTV (get out to vote).

Why it matters: 

Waters’ family has a history of profiting off of the Congresswoman’s political stature.

  • Maxine Waters was charged with ethics violations in 2010 for securing a $12 million bailout for OneUnited, a failing bank where her husband served as a board member, holding a significant investment. Charges were dropped in 2012.
  • She was ranked the ‘Most Corrupt’ elected official in 2011 by a non-profit and non-partisan watchdog, CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington).
  • In 2004, the LA Times reported Waters relatives made more than $1 million through her connections.

What they’re saying:

  • In 2004, Waters denied her involvement in her family’s $1 million earning: “They do their business and I do mine … We are not bad people.”
  • RedState contributor Mike Miller commented as well: 

“Daughter dearest could use the cash — or maybe mommy dearest just wants to funnel it to her — so Mad Max creates what appears to be a bogus job — given that she was the only federal politician in the country to use it. Mission accomplished. Yep, I believe I’ve got it,” 

Maxine Waters, like the rest of Washington’s swamp, is unlikely to see any consequences from her corruption.

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