BETTLE: Robinhood Debacle Proves the Stock Market is Just as ‘Free and Fair’ as America’s Elections


Don't Let Big Tech Win!

Don't Let Big Tech Win!

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It was a cold dark day in [January], and the clocks were striking thirteen.” George Orwell, 1984. 

We were once warned by the Great Communicator himself that one of the scariest propositions an American could hear is, “I am from the government, and I am here to help.”

We are barely into a new administration, one which promised to help Americans, and on God, President Reagan was right. The government is not here to help, at least the common folk. 

We live in interesting times. Interesting because many people are starting to, hopefully, wake up to reality as it is, and not what it is perceived to be. Or what you are told to believe. This author himself since last March has been realigning, reassessing, and reexamining my own beliefs on reality, with this last week being another barrier breaker.

Cliché as it is, the truth does set you free. However, security is not included with freedom, especially freedom from the government. This may be the reason many people do not like the truth.

You are told not to believe what you have witnessed with your own eyes. For some reason, your own ability to reason, to them, is ineffective and inefficient. Though, this ability comes from Almighty God. You are told, instead, to believe the “expert” ruling-elite.

The same elite class who constantly, consistently, and categorically get items of policy and predictions gravely wrong. Yet, do not suffer any of the consequences. But do not worry, this time, next time, the experts will get it right. “Trust” them, peasant. 

We are told we have free and fair markets. That we live in a true capitalistic society. For those who understand central banking, control of the money supply by unelected bureaucrats, and special interest spending by Congress, we understand our markets are not entirely free. Free, but for a price. Central banking controls the price of money, i.e. interest rates. If the price of money is controlled by government, or worse, that is not free.

That central bank also controls the regulations on the bankers, so whoever the banker’s control, it controls. Transitive property. Setting interest rates by human command is a simple price control, such as what we have on labor with minimum wage, rent, and whatever else their experts encroach upon like a parasite. If the experts were so smart, how come they have not solved unemployment, housing issues, and everything else? How interesting. 

We are 1.5 weeks into the new Biden administration. An administration that promised, promoted, and promulgated its entire policy platform upon the growth of the middle class. For those who voted for Biden, in hindsight, it should by now be readily apparent the premise of their policies was to grow the number of people in the middle class, not help them prosper.

That is not real growth, that is regression. That is the essence of communism. The elite, and you.

Moreover, I think it was Joseph Goebbels, someone Biden talks about a lot, who promoted the policy of The Big Lie. Divert. Distract. Demonize.

So far, the new administration has not missed a step. 

This past week, millions experienced and many millions more learned our markets are free, until they are not. When the billionaires who paid off our government officials while they were private citizens and ensured their election, when those people are in pain, it is the peasant class who suffers. My oh my, what a different world we would live in if we had a President who was not able to be bought. If only we had some type of contrast to look to? 

With the full frontal assault and breakdown of our “free” markets in favor of the ruling elite class by the peasants they control, in front of everyone’s eyes, for all to see, maybe there are some other “free and fair” aspects of our lives we should force full consideration upon. I wonder what darkness may come about when light is shown upon it. 

Side note: if we are in such dire straits, our American brothers and sisters are suffering and dying left and right in the “worst pandemic” ever, at least since the last, why does our government continue to send money overseas? Cannot those governments support their own people? What about We the People?

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