REPORT: THIS Conservative Atlanta Community is LIKELY to SECEDE from the City


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Buckhead, a conservative community in Atlanta, Georgia, is likely to leave the city over a rising crime wave that Democrat elected officials have been unable to stop, according to those close to the situation.

While the move will depend on a vote in the state legislature and a possible 2022 ballot referendum, Buckhead City Committee CEO Bill White estimated on Fox News that local support for leaving was around eighty percent, and a preliminary vote indicated that well over half of the Georgia State Assembly may support the measure.

White himself is a Trump donor who once hosted a multi-million dollar event for the president’s campaign. The measure is sponsored in the GA legislature by Senator Brandon Beach and Representative Todd Jones.

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The Buckhead City Committee is halfway to its goal of raising $1.5 million in support of the separation.  

If the area does break away, it will take with it Atlanta’s wealthiest zip code, along with fifteen percent of the city’s population and a large chunk of liberal Atlanta’s tax dollars.  Buckhead would then be able to legally build its own police force and courts of law. 

Buckhead’s actions may become a model for other conservative areas moving forward, offering hope for traditional Americans stuck in the country’s socialist metropolises, essentially all of which have declining standards of living.

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