WATCH: American Olympian Gives an AMAZING Patriotic Interview After Winning Gold for Her Country


It’s sad that it’s news… but the notoriety and shocking nature of this video is a great reminder of where we are in this country, much thanks to the malice of the liberal elite.

Tuesday, American Olympian Tamyra Mensah-Stock won gold at Tokyo in wrestling, and the moment was absolutely amazing. In her post-podium interview with the media, she was asked a myriad of questions.

Mensah-Stock first answersed the customary “how does it feel” query with a faith-based nod to her God and support system. Then, in a clip that has now gone viral with millions of views on Twitter, she was asked what it means to represent America in the Olympics.

Watch that clip right here:

The touching video has been shared and viewed millions of times on the internet already. At a time where American patriotism is so often discouraged, Tamyra has been able to give us an inspiring example of hope.

Despite it being the unpopular thing to do, she expressed a profoundly American love for this country. Congratulations on winning GOLD, Tamyra!

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2 Responses

  1. Tamyra, I am so proud of your and we are blessed to have someone like you represent our country. You set a wonderful example giving glory to God and honoring the USA. Your joy is contagious! Congratulations on your gold medal! You’re a winner no matter what color medal because you already have a heart of gold! Blessings!

  2. Tamyra, you are a treasure to this country. Your unabashed love of the USA is heartwarming and welcomed by every America loving person in our country at a time when tearing America down is the words so many athletes use to describe her. Congratulations on your gold medal and blessings for your continued success. Thank you!♥️

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