REPORT: Undercover Capitol Police Broke Into Republican’s Office, Took Illegal Pics of Docs


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A Watergate-style scandal is developing on Capitol Hill after Representative Troy Nehls’ (R-TX) reported a break-in to his government office on Twitter. Tuesday evening, the Capitol Police chief also responded.

According to Nehls, Capitol Police dressed as construction workers broke into his private office during a November break for Congress. Those officers took pictures inside of the office, later coming back to “harass” Nehls’ staff.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Capitol Hill police, dressed as construction workers, broke into Rep. Troy Nehls’ office during the November break. The Capitol Police took photos inside the Texas Republican’s office and then came back two days later to harass his staff using the illegal photos they took just days earlier.

The Inspector General for the US Capitol Police has opened a formal investigation of the matter that involves his police officers. So expect this to be swept under the rug.

According to Politico, the Capitol Police has been secretly spying on Republican lawmakers since the Jan. 6 protests and riot. Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-N.D.) said that he is unaware of any members know about this new practice in place.

Pelosi wants to build satellite offices for her Capitol Hill Stasi police to operate in Florida and California.

Here’s the full thread of Nehl’s allegations, first seen on Twitter:

Here’s what the police chief Tom Manger said in response:

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