This Clip Perfectly Demonstrates the Left’s Sudden Flip-Flop on Masks Just Days After Attacks on Maskless Youngkin (WATCH)


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As one of his first acts in office, new Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin followed the science, lifting mask mandates in the state, fulfilling a major campaign promise.

As a result, left-wing pundits and politicians relentlessly attacked the Republican governor for doing what his constituents elected him to do. Then, just a few days ago, Youngkin was heckled and harassed in an Alexandria grocery store by liberal lemmings who must have missed the mask mandate news:

Despite the deeply blue pockets of Virginia containing hardcore MSNBC viewers, most Virginians agree with Youngkin’s end to mask mandates, especially in schools, and this was one of the key reasons they elected him Governor in November.

But Virginians aren’t the only Americans who agree strongly with Youngkin’s decision to end masking, and there is no better evidence of that than the left-wing’s completely abrupt flip-flop on masks. Generic polling shows a massive Republican advantage heading into the 2022 midterms, and it seems the Democratic Party did some polling on their own surrounding masks.

Now, even the media is flip-flopping with them, pretending these Democrats gracefully lifted mandates based on science, not the upcoming elections. Today, the Washington Free Beacon released an amazing clip perfectly demonstrating the ridiculous, partisan hypocrisy of the left.

If it wasn’t so concerning that the entire media establishment carries an American political party’s water full-time, this would be extremely funny.


Viewers of MNSBC and CNN might buy this garbage, but Americans across the country will remember which party vehemently supported masking children in schools and segregating people based on vaccine status.

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