Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explains How Big Pharma is Gaining Protection by Jabbing Kids (FULL INTERVIEW)


robert f kennedy being interviewed by peterson on big pharma
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Robert Francis Kennedy Jr., the son of Robert “Bobby” Kennedy, joined Mikhaila Peterson’s podcast earlier this month to discuss the vaccines being pushed on the world. Peterson is the daughter of sensational Canadian psychologist Jordan B. Peterson, who has become one of the country’s leading voices against COVID insanity.

The interview with Kennedy is part of an “Opposing Views” series Mikhaila Peterson conducts, and throughout his segment of the debate, the lawyer laid out a number of concerning points regarding vaccines and the pharmaceutical companies rolling them out rapidly.

Keying in on why Big Pharma wants to vaccinate children despite the age group’s nonexistent risk to COVID-19, Kennedy reveals shocking information. The embedded clip starts at 34:49, where the two begin discussing the vaccine and children. But, you can rewind the video player to hear the rest of his comments as well.


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