NYPD Storms Restaurant and Persecutes a CHILD While Rounding Up Unvaccinated Patrons (FULL CLIP)


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Thanks to the fearmongering media, the dolt lemmings that watch too much of it, the radical public health regime, and the COVID-crazed government, vaccine passports are now a common reality in some American cities, such as New York, DC, and Los Angeles, to name a few.

But radical, reactionary groupthink is expected from the aforementioned folks, and the same goes for the cities listed as well. However, COVID insanity has also opened Americans’ eyes to some other less-ridiculed but much-complicit groups. Those include police, who are now essentially operating as a Gestapo carrying out government overreaches for the left, and onlookers who allow tyranny to occur.

This week, a new clip from disgraced, blood-riddled New York City shows just how insane things have become in what was once considered America’s prime jewel. Centered in the controversy is the New York Police Department, which has fallen swiftly from its former glory during the pandemic.

In the video, a squad of NYPD goons is seen barging into a restaurant, asking patrons for their papers, and singling out a small child before threatening to arrest all people inside who did not show their vaccine passports. The video, originally posted to TikTok, is quite horrific and has made its rounds among conservative Twitter circles.


The narrator of this clip is exactly right. The cowardly cops carrying out these vicious deeds in the name of “public health” should be ashamed of themselves. This disgraceful fall of American ideals is made possible only by their enabling. It is communist tyranny. And it is just getting started.

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