San Francisco School District Votes to Rename Abraham Lincoln High School Because Abe “Did Not Demonstrate that Black Lives Mattered.”


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Tuesday, the San Francisco Unified School District voted to rename Abraham Lincoln High School because President Lincoln “did not demonstrate that black lives mattered to him.”

According to the district, Lincoln-era legislation such as the Pacific Railway Act and the Homestead Act supposedly displaced thousands of Native Americans. Moreover, they argue Lincoln’s administration “oversaw the largest mass hanging in United States history” when the U.S Army hung 38 Dakota tribesmen.

What the district fails to mention is how the United States was at war with the Dakota tribe, and those men were being hung for terrorizing settlers. The San Francisco School District also did not mention President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which abolished slavery in 1863, or Honest Abe’s role in passing the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments.

President Lincoln is not the only American hero under attack. George Washington, Herbert Hoover, and Teddy Roosevelt Middle Schools are all being renamed. Progressive Senator Dianne Feinstein is getting her name removed from an elementary school because she did not take a confederate flag down quick enough. Thomas Edison Charter School is also being renamed due to “Edison’s fondness towards electrocuting animals.” Overall, 44 out of the 125 schools in the district are being renamed.

Unsurprisingly, Cesar Chavez Elementary is not on the list of schools that will be renamed. This is despite Chavez’s constant attacks against illegal immigrants. Chavez’s hatred for illegals was bad, that he dispatched armed union members to assault illegal immigrants before they entered the U.S. These immigrants were beaten with barbed wires and chains, yet San Francisco still proclaims Chavez as a liberal hero.

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