Why Hunter Biden’s Crimes Matter And Republicans Should Be Celebrating

Joe Biden’s son has now pled guilty to two counts of willful failure to pay his taxes and has all but acknowledged his guilt in a felony gun crime, having chosen to enter a pretrial diversion program to aid in securing a better deal with prosecutors. Republicans are reacting to this as one would expect […]

NEW Twitter Files PROVE FBI Colluded with Twitter to Block Hunter Biden Laptop Story (THREAD)

Writer and journalist Michael Shellenberger has released the latest installment of the “Twitter Files,” dropping internal Twitter documents proving the Federal Bureau of Investigation colluded with the platform to discredit and shut down the New York Post’s exposés of Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.” “In Twitter Files #7, we present evidence pointing to an organized […]

The CRAZIEST Hunter Biden Videos Revealed in New Leak

President Joe Biden’s wayward son Hunter has caused a myriad of problems for the administration recently. After the New York Post’s infamous Hunter Biden laptop exposé, dozens of leaks have surfaced across the internet. Some leaks include texts suggesting Joe Biden takes half of his son’s salary while others contain bizarre memes about Obama and […]

Hunter Biden Texted His Daughter that “Half of His Salary” Went to Joe

Article from 100PercentFedUp While Joe Biden maintains that he has not profited from his family’s foreign business dealings, emails and text messages from his son Hunter reveal otherwise. As the investigation into Hunter Biden continues to reveal incriminating details of his business dealings in China and Ukraine, new evidence has been uncovered that strongly suggests Hunter has been paying […]

WATCH: Rep. Boebert SHREDS the Dems for Ignoring Hunter Biden’s Crimes

Sadly, too often the political elite are given unfair advantages. Many Americans are fed up, calling on the FBI to investigate President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s laptop. Hunter also once got off scot-free for a gun charge, but despite the liberal media and Congress’ anti-2A crusade, his crime has never been reported on. Freshman […]

The Hunter Biden Probe Continues as GOP Senate Committees Issue Subpoena

The investigation into Hunter Biden continues this week with the first subpoena issued by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee . The investigation is to further understand any politically corrupt ties Biden, via his board position with Burisma, had to Ukraine. The subpoena was extended to Blue Star Strategies, a lobbying firm and […]