The Hunter Biden Probe Continues as GOP Senate Committees Issue Subpoena


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The investigation into Hunter Biden continues this week with the first subpoena issued by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee . The investigation is to further understand any politically corrupt ties Biden, via his board position with Burisma, had to Ukraine. The subpoena was extended to Blue Star Strategies, a lobbying firm and democratic donor, that worked with Burisma in an effort to rehabilitate their standing in Washington. The vote was straight down party line in an 8-6 Republican win. Many expected Mitt Romney, the Republican Senator from Utah, to side with the Democrats after his previous concerns stating that the probe “appears political.” 

On the Senate floor, Chuck Schumer responded to the vote by stating, “for Leader McConnell to think we are doing our job by voting for some right-wing judges, by engaging in some sort of show trials to go to pursue conspiracy theories from far-right, and even from Russia, to besmirch political opponents past and present. That’s not what we should be doing. In response to the Democrats protest against moving forward, former Whitewater Independent Counsel Kenn Starr commented on Fox News Thursday morning: “Chairman Ron Johnson is really, America is open for business again- other than New York- and he is now open for business again. This is actually a continuation of a long-running investigation, so we’ve been on hold. And all this represents is, Whoops! Ukraine is back but Ukraine never really went away. So, I view this as accountability as Sen. Johnson has said on Fox News. Let’s just get the facts and there is no there there, but why all the protesting? Why don’t we just get these documents in good order and analyze them and so forth?”

The final point on this, what we do know is that this firm, Blue Star, did make arrangements for Burisma which is a corrupt company in Ukraine to have meetings with the Justice Department and the State Department in Washington D.C. during an election year. Let’s just find out the facts. Maybe they were innocent, maybe they weren’t.” — Ken Starr

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