Why Hunter Biden’s Crimes Matter And Republicans Should Be Celebrating


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Joe Biden’s son has now pled guilty to two counts of willful failure to pay his taxes and has all but acknowledged his guilt in a felony gun crime, having chosen to enter a pretrial diversion program to aid in securing a better deal with prosecutors.

Republicans are reacting to this as one would expect – with doom and gloom.

As a Republican myself, I feel their pain. Neither the charges nor the likely punishment are sufficient. It’s obvious that the Bidens are guilty of countless misdeeds (and likely crimes), and that Hunter and his father have long been involved in global influence peddling and (I believe) endless shakedowns of the rich and powerful.

If nothing else, no one is paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for the art of newly minted painter Hunter Biden, unless they want to get his daddy’s attention – and, apparently, there are quite a few people who want an audience with the president.

Regardless, conservatives are missing the boat on these guilty pleas.

The assumption that most of us would have made, even a week ago, is that the DOJ and FBI had no intention of ever taking action against any powerful Democrat, let alone a Biden. The fact that Biden’s son now has a significant criminal record, not to mention still-unresolved charges, shows that those institutions still have some fear of the American people. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The guilty pleas and gun charge give Republicans something to sink their teeth into, on the campaign trail and off. Trump was indicted by judicial hacks, but a Biden has actually been found guilty. Every time Joe Biden talks about gun violence from here on out, Republicans should run an ad about his son’s gun crime. Every time he talks about finances, they should remind him that his crackhead son doesn’t pay his taxes. And every time Democrats mention Trump’s indictment, the GOP should talk about Hunter’s record.

Even more importantly, the case lends real credence to the Republican narrative.

The Biden family, long accused of selling America out for cash, was mishandling money – likely in order to conceal payments made in exchange for influence. The family’s most infamous member didn’t even bother taking his tax charges to trial. The evidence against him was overwhelming. Moreover, there’s no reason not to pay your taxes (twice) unless you or your family have something to hide.

The “laptop from Hell” story (detailing the life of a careless and crackhead son), is also being verified. It wasn’t Russian disinformation or a Trump lie or anything else the media claimed. Hunter Biden has had Secret Service protection since at least 2008, so there was no need for him to use or possess a gun if he had any personal issues that would prevent him from doing so within the strict confines of the law. And yet, here we are.

Hunter may be “the smartest guy [Joe Biden] know[s]” (as Joe himself said), but that only means the man sitting in the oval office is relying on the intelligence of a criminal and admitted drug addict with no self control. Between the gun crime and Hunter having had a child with a stripper a few years ago (and not paying sufficient child support), the “clean” image of the Biden family is now verifiably false.

Everything Democrats say these days is a lie. The issue, as most conservatives know, is with gaining any traction when Republicans call them on their falsehoods. Democrats, with the help of the media, always dismiss accusations with a wave of the hand.

They can’t with these. And that makes this all worth it.

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