Kamala: “My pronouns are she/her…and I’m a woman”

kamala harris announces pronouns and what she is wearing at roundtable discussion

Vice President Kamala Harris decided to announce both her woke “personal pronouns” and describe in detail what she was wearing during a roundtable meeting.  “Good afternoon, I want to welcome these leaders for coming in to have this very important discussion about some of the most pressing issues of our time. I’m Kamala Harris, my […]

Faux Trump Response to Biden’s COVID-19 Diagnosis: “No One Wants Kamala!”

A fake press release from 45th President Donald Trump surfaced regarding President Joe Biden’s diagnosis of coronavirus, giving Twitter users a laugh. In his familiar style, the faked statement from Trump wishes Biden a speedy recovery, adding that Kamala Harris would be an even graver danger for America should the sitting POTUS become more incapacitated […]

WATCH: Kamala Compares Abortion to SLAVERY

At the NAACP national convention, Vice President Kamala Harris pulled her usual tricks, using slavery to campaign for baby-killing rights. “Our country has a history of claiming ownership over human bodies,” the celebrity girlfriend-turned Vice President said while discussing the Supreme Court’s recent abortion ruling. WATCH: Did Kamala go WAY too far? Let us know […]

Virginia Voters, Even Democrats, Reject Kamala for Prez: “She’s a Joke”

Recently, Fox News asked Virginia voters how they feel about Kamala Harris, one of the least popular vice presidents in American history. Fox found that few Virginians, including left-wing voters, would support Kamala Harris if she were to run for President in 2024. Fox News reports: LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. – Virginia voters told Fox News that […]

REPORT: Kamala Believes Biden’s “White Inner Circle” Looks Down On Her

According to new reports, the Biden-Harris White House has dealt with internal power struggles on top of the many public failures the administration has suffered. Apparently, Kamala Harris was not pleased with Biden’s decision to name her as his ‘border czar.’ This revelation makes a lot of sense considering Harris has still not even stepped […]

Kamala Explains Ukraine to Black Radio Host Like He’s 5 Years Old (LISTEN)

Just when you thought this administration couldn’t be more of a joke, Kamala Harris has once again lowered the bar. When asked to explain the Russia/Ukraine conflict “in layman’s terms” during an appearance on “The Morning Hustle” Tuesday, Kamala spoke to the audience like they were six-year-olds. Here’s what Kamala said to the host of […]

WATCH: Kamala SNAPS When Interviewer Asks “Who’s Really President?” (FULL CLIP)

Friday, Vice President Kamala Harris went on Charlemagne Tha God’s show on Comedy Central to discuss U.S. politics and President Joe Biden’s sputtering agenda. You might remember Charlemagne Tha God from the pre-election interview he did with Biden in which Biden said black people “ain’t black” if they did not vote for him in the […]