Kamala: “My pronouns are she/her…and I’m a woman”


kamala harris announces pronouns and what she is wearing at roundtable discussion
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Vice President Kamala Harris decided to announce both her woke “personal pronouns” and describe in detail what she was wearing during a roundtable meeting. 

“Good afternoon, I want to welcome these leaders for coming in to have this very important discussion about some of the most pressing issues of our time. I’m Kamala Harris, my pronouns are she/her and I’m a woman sitting at a table wearing a blue suit…”

Another woman at the roundtable discussion followed suit, “My pronouns are she/her I’m a white woman with long brown hair. I’m wearing a red dress and I’m wearing a see-through mask so you can see my red lips…” 

Yet another woman chimed in, “I’m a Latina with blonde highlighted hair and I’m wearing a gray blazer over a black black dress…”

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A final woman described herself, “I am a black woman with curly hair and I am wearing a vintage black and floral dress…”

The subject of the meeting was last month’s landmark decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, and how the decision would affect disabled people. According to liberal writer Yashar Ali, describing one’s pronouns and appearance is for the sake of those with visual impairments. 

However, conservative commentator Matt Walsh pointed out that Harris is wearing a face mask, which “needlessly alienates” deaf and hard-of-hearing people:

Harris has been making more public appearances since Joe Biden was diagnosed with COVID-19 and the Vice President is considered to be the more progressive of the duo. When Harris was selected as the running mate in 2020, she was the fourth most progressive senator based on her voting record.

2 Responses

  1. Was there a meeting topic besides dress colors and she/her stuff? My old brain is having serious relating problems with this type of waste of time at maybe important meetings????

  2. Kamala Harris is a sorry VP and she will be a pitiful president when Biden is removed. And since our FBI, DOJ, and IRS are compromised and the elections have been hijacked, only Divine Providence will save us.

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