WHAT?! Biden Mispronounces ‘Kamala,’ Takes A Knee For BLM During Ceremony For NBA Champions (VIDEOS)


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President Joe Biden added to the growing list of times he has mispronounced Vice President Kamala Harris’ name on Tuesday at the White House during a ceremony honoring the NBA champion Golden State Warriors. 

“As Kamala said, we’re closely monitoring the storms, the floods, the landslides, all across California,” Biden said, referencing the recent storms that struck California last week.

Biden mispronounced Kamla’s name “Cam-a-la,” rather than the correct pronunciation, which is “Comma-la.”

Harris tweeted a video of “Kids for Kamala” showing how to properly pronounce her name during a Senate run in 2016.

At one point during the ceremony Tuesday, Biden also forgot the name of Klay Thompson, a superstar shooting guard for the Warriors, when he was trying to name the team’s “Big Three.”

He also awkwardly knelt in front of the team for an official picture, which understandably left much of the room aghast. Harris opted not to kneel.

Harris has desperately tried to show Americans how to pronounce her name properly since she started gaining recognition as a political figure.

According to CNN, she wrote in her memoir, “My name is pronounced ‘Comma-la’ like the punctuation mark. It means lotus-flower, which is a symbol of significance in Indian culture.” 

Biden’s forgetfulness and common gaffes have led to great scrutiny during his short tenure as president, with many worrying that he may not be able to finish a full first term, especially after classified documents were recently found at multiple locations from his time as VP.


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