Meet Lee Zeldin, the Republican Running for Governor of New York

Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) is officially running for Governor of New York, announcing his plans on Fox & Friends this morning. This is an exciting development for Americans, and especially New Yorkers, who just elected Zeldin to Congress in 2020. During his 2020 race, Zeldin made a name for himself and showed a proclivity for […]

Governors: GOP Surging in Key States and Democrat Strongholds

Election day is now less than nine days away, and gubernatorial campaigns are making their final pitches to voters in battleground states all over America. Based on the latest polls, Republican candidates are surging across the country, even in states like Oregon and New York. But it isn’t all bad for Democrats. Democrat Governors are […]

Midterm Roundup: Where Things Stand in Tight Races Two Weeks Out

With just about two weeks until election day, Republicans are heating up, and forecasts are turning cloudy across the board for Democrats. In key Senate races, the GOP is surging, but the party still faces a slightly uphill climb to regain control of the chamber. In the House, a red wave remains a near-lock. But […]

STUNNING POLL Shows ANOTHER Deep Blue State Primed for a GOP Governor

A recently released poll conducted by the independent Co/Efficient survey group shows that Republican challenger Lee Zeldin has narrowly passed incumbent Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul in deep-blue New York State. The stunning poll, released just weeks prior to election day, shows the possibility of a ‘Red Wave election’ even in a far-Left stronghold like New […]

New York Gov. Tells Republicans to Leave NY for Florida…“Get Out of Town”

new york governor tells republicans to get out of town

New York Governor Kathy Hochul put local Republicans on blast in a speech from downtown Brooklyn on Saturday. She did not mince words in regards to her feelings toward right-leaning folks and their involvement in the state.  “We are here to say…the era of Trump and Zeldin and Molinaro… just jump on a bus and […]

WATCH: GOP Gov. Candidate ATTACKED During Speech

Rep. Lee Zeldin, the Republican nominee for Governor of New York, was attacked by a man brandishing a knife Thursday at a campaign stop. During a speech near Rochester, NY, a would-be assassin charged the stage and attempted to stab Zeldin. Zeldin, who wrestled with the attacker for a moment, escaped the incident unscathed, but […]

Republican LEADING in New York Governor’s Race

lee zeldin republican congressman ny 1st

Lee Zeldin, a Republican Congressman representing New York’s 1st district, is running to defeat New York Governor Kathy Hochul in November. While previous polls showed Zeldin behind, a new internal poll from McLaughlin and Associates has the Congressman above by a point. Zeldin, elected to Congress in 2020, was endorsed by President Trump and has […]