SENILE-IN-CHIEF: Here Are the WORST Moments From Biden’s Disastrous Press Conference (VIDEOS)


biden looking angry at white house
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Wow. Most of us, save a delusional third of America, already knew Biden was totally unfit for the office he holds. But in Wednesday evening’s press conference marking one year as President, Biden put his incompetence on full display for the entire world. And it was not pretty.

For a man who has already racked up countless gaffes and missteps in his one year in office, this Biden press conference brings crisis levels in America to a new and unimaginable level. Throughout his speech and questions from reporters, Biden proved himself to be an unmistakable embarrassment for our entire country.

We have taken the 5 WORST moments from tonight’s presser and ranked them below. WARNING: This is an extremely frightening time for Americans. Viewer discretion is advised.

5. When Asked About Why He Likened Half of America to (Racist Democrat) Bull Connor, Biden SNAPPED at a Young Reporter and Rants Angrily:

4. When Asked Whether School Closures Would Be a Major Issue for Republicans in the Midterms, Biden Seems to COMPLETELY FORGET What’s Going On:

3. Biden Suggests Elections Will Be Illegitimate in 2022 if His Party’s Federalized Election Bill Doesn’t Pass After Denying the Possibility of Cheating in 2020, Then Switches the Subject to Trump:

2. Biden Suggests He Didn’t Overpromise On the Campaign Trail – Then Says He Has Even OUTPERFORMED Expectations! No, Seriously:

1. Biden Gives Putin the Green Light for a “MINOR INCURSION” in Ukraine, Then Admits He Has Absolutely NO IDEA What’s Going On With Russia:

We are so sorry you had to see all of that. All jokes aside, this is an extremely concerning situation for all Americans. Here at home, we are dealing with a supply chain crisis and a forty-year high in inflation. Globally, we are weakened by a feckless state department headed by career bureaucrats. To make everything even worse, our country is more divided than ever before.

Through it all, we are being led by an old, confused man who has aimed to divide us even more. And just one year into Biden’s term, we have to expect things to get a whole lot worse.

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