WATCH: Left-Wing University Students Demand Masks Be REINSTATED


university of nevada, reno students demanding mask mandates be reinstated
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RENO – Students at the University of Nevada Reno (UNR) took to campus on Monday to protest the recent lifting of mask restrictions in the state of Nevada. Marching through the center of campus, students carried signs reading “solidarity”, “U[sic] there Sandoval?”(referencing the University President, Brian Sandoval) and “reinstate the mask mandate”. Marchers chanted “reinstate mask mandates” as they walked through the sunny corridor of UNR. 

Students have gathered over 1,500 signatures to reinstate the mandate, according to reporting by KRNV reporter Ben Margiott. 

The protest was organized by members of the Nevada Graduate Student Workers, a group of graduate students on campus, according to

Nevada lifted the statewide indoor mask mandate on Monday, citing a drop in COVID-19 cases. Gov. Steve Sisolak said masks would still be required in healthcare facilities and some federal settings, but students and teachers would not be forced to wear face coverings. 

University President Brian Sandoval said in a statement that he does not have the authority to enact a mask mandate on campus. “Stricter face covering requirements, according to NSHE’s legal determination, involve system wide policy decisions that fall outside of an individual institution’s discretion.”

Photo credits: Ben Margiott, Twitter.

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  1. This is all political. About half of all grad students are just passing time to avoid going to work. There is no mandate that they not wear a mask so what’s their beef. They can wear one if they want to.

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