Fairfax Teachers Union Prez: High COVID Numbers are “GOOD NEWS” for Mask Requirements


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VIRGINIA – Fairfax County’s Teachers Union President Kimberly Adams reportedly shared a post to Facebook saying that high COVID-19 cases are “good news” so the county can justify restrictive mask mandates.

The post, now deleted, was shared to Twitter by the Fairfax County Parents Association’s official account:

“Well the new ‘plan’ is out,” the union leader said in a Feb. 10 post reportedly posted to the Fairfax Teachers and Staff Facebook group. “But the ‘good news’ is it doesn’t look like we’re anywhere close to moderate or low transmission rates.”

According to the Daily Caller, Fairfax County Public Schools’ ‘plan’ referenced by Adams above is set to roll back mandatory mask mandates in the near future.

The Daily Caller reports:

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) released a plan Thursday to eventually roll back mandatory masking when community transmission rates are below the “high” or “substantial” thresholds. FCPS still requires universal masking in schools and has been fighting a legal battle against Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s executive order banning mask mandates.

Adams also advocated against a bill requiring schools to offer in-person teaching at the state capitol Feb. 11. “Here in Richmond with the #VEA [Virginia Education Association] to stand up against SB739, a bill that seeks to remove local control around masking in our schools. #UnionStrong,” she commented on Twitter.

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  1. This article is purposefully misleading and does not take into account the context of her comment. Teachers are from line workers during this pandemic and are exposed to many diseases through students they teach. The kids act like vectors for these diseases and come from all walks to concentrate in the confines a classroom, where the virus can spread and then be brought home to others. Even if the children do not have a strong consequence to that exposure, they can spread it to older parents and grandparents that are much more vulnerable. The pandemic will eventually subside and many efforts to stop its spread will also subside with it. But it was just a month ago that we had our highest peak of COVID cases and the resultant deaths from that surge are still taking a heavy toll. Although the Omicron variant is not as lethal, the shear magnitude in infections is resulting in greater deaths than what occurred in the last wave last fall. So all of this loosening of preventive measures needs to be considered carefully in the context of where we are epidemiologically and not something to just do away with with the stroke of a pen. And I believe that is what she is speaking to. She is not wishing ill will on people. She is just resisting the “strike of the pen” approach, and reassuring her colleagues that the plan takes into account epidemiological considerations, such as the rate of infections in a given locality, before the Governor’s decree can be fully instituted. I mean, this makes good sense to me.

  2. Please have someone read to her the information available on CDC, NIH, WHO in regards to the effectiveness of mask most people wear. Not effective at all, period. This is a person who feels that the power granted to her should never leave her. It is rather sad when you think of it. Someone who received teachers training? Is allowing her politics to replace any concern she ever had for children. We all need to remember “Ignorance can be cured, Stupid is forever”

  3. Oh dear, how nice but someone should offer to read to her the items on CDC and NIH- which clearly state that the mask most uninformed people wear is effective against: NOTHING! Of course Many Anitfa people became emotionally attached to mask, it spared so many the consequences of their actions. When your politics outweigh your concern for the children you are supposed to be teaching, then it may be time to seek another career, I do understand that ANITFA is again recruiting for the coming elections. Remember “Ignorance can be cured, stupid is forever”

  4. My dsughter’s children are in Staffird and they lifted mask mandates weeks ago and NO issues of COVID have been reported. Faiefax County needs ti get with the program. They are one of the few in the state requiring them.

  5. You people are idiots! TheT eachers Union are only out to control parents and to destroy our kids education.

    1. No. The teachers Union is there to represent and look after the interests of the teachers that are a members of it. Now perhaps you don’t think the teacher’s interests should be considered or represented. And I have issues where a teacher’s interests may conflict with my own. But they have a right to stand up for their interests. And, all that said, almost every teacher I have known is committed to the interests of the children they teach. It is a hard job that requires considerable training and commitment with incredible stresses that are mostly generated by issues they have no control over.

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