DeSantis: “Don’t Even Think About Looting…We Are a Second Amendment State”

desantis on law and order and looting in florida

As Hurricane Ian left the shores of Florida and pushed further north, Governor Ron DeSantis warned potential looters to stay out of hurricane victims’ homes.  “We want to make sure we are maintaining law and order. Don’t even think about looting, don’t even think about taking advantage of people in this vulnerable situation. Local law […]

Biden Flexes Military Power: “Right-wing Americans…You Need More Than a Gun”

joe biden f15 on right-wing americans

President Joe Biden just flexed the ability of the military to put down any right-wing faction of America. During a late August speech, the president was speaking to a crowd during a rally and told the crowd that “right-wing Americans” need “something a little more than a gun” if they want to “fight against the […]

WATCH: Biden Just HANDED the Midterms to Republicans

biden promises post-midterm assault weapons ban 2022

President Joe Biden outlined the Democrats’ post-midterm strategy for running a liberal American empire during a speech at a Democratic National Committee (DNC) rally in Maryland. Biden admitted he would attempt to ban all ‘assault weapons’ if Democrats control congress after the 2022 midterms. Democrats will plan to enact radical support for abortion by permanently […]

VIDEO: Democrats Pass AR-Style Weapon Ban

nancy pelosi smiles as house bill passes banning assault weapons

Friday evening, House Democrats cheered the passing of a bill designed to restrict Second Amendment rights. In a 217 to 213 vote, the House passed a bill that would ban semi-automatic, AR-style firearms.  Pelosi championed the bill as, “a crucial step in our ongoing fight against the deadly epidemic of gun violence.” House Democrats could […]

Hero STOPS Mass Shooting Thanks to Pro-2A Laws [DETAILS]

indiana man stops mass shooting at mall

A 22-year-old Indiana man is being credited as a hero for stopping a mass shooting inside a local mall food court.  Greenwood police responded to an active shooter situation at the Greenwood Park Mall on Sunday, with reports of a gunman opening fire on food court patrons. According to law enforcement, the shooter was carrying […]

Armed Vet FENDS OFF Burglars in Front Lawn Shootout (VIDEO)

Burglars realized they chose the wrong yard when confronted by an armed homeowner who just happened to be a US combat veteran. Clayton County, Georgia – A man told Fox 5 Atlanta that he wanted to protect his wife and home after he saw three burglars on his front lawn on his Ring camera. Whitfield Smith said […]

These 10 GOP Senators Voted for Gun Control

In the wake of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, a group of ‘moderate’ Republicans appears ready to give in to the left on gun control. Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) told a small group of Senators to strike a compromise with Democrats on gun control. After only three weeks, it appears that […]

BREAKING: House Passes Far-Left Gun Bill

Wednesday, the House of Representatives approved its sweeping gun control bill that bans high-capacity magazines and raises the age to purchase an ‘assault rifle’ to 21. The gun legislation passed the House by a vote of 223-204. 5 Republicans voted “yea” – 2 Democrats voted “nay.” GOP Representatives Kinzinger (OH), Gonzalaz (OH), Fitzgerald (PA), Jacobs […]

WATCH: GOP Rep RIPS Democrats’ Divisive Rhetoric On Guns

During a Congressional hearing on guns, Republican Representative Louie Gohmert got into a spat with far-left Congressman Eric Swalwell. Swalwell spent his time on the microphone spewing divisive rhetoric about Republicans, suggesting anyone who supports the Second Amendment wants children to die. Gohmert did not take kindly to the Californian’s remarks and responded with vigor. […]

DETAILS: Radical Virginia Gun Control Bill Fails

In November 2019, Virginia Democrats gained control of both the Senate and House of Delegates. Since then, they have made gun control a primary issue. However, many Virginians oppose restricting their access to firearms. More than 100 cities, towns, and counties declared themselves 2nd Amendment sanctuaries to defend against gun control laws. Thousands of 2nd […]