WATCH: GOP Rep RIPS Democrats’ Divisive Rhetoric On Guns


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During a Congressional hearing on guns, Republican Representative Louie Gohmert got into a spat with far-left Congressman Eric Swalwell.

Swalwell spent his time on the microphone spewing divisive rhetoric about Republicans, suggesting anyone who supports the Second Amendment wants children to die.

Gohmert did not take kindly to the Californian’s remarks and responded with vigor.


3 Responses

  1. There is no level too low for the democrats to stoop to in their drive to make America a socialist state, a banana republic. There lies have been revealed with impunity and still they continue to lie, lie, lie! Their rhetoric is hollow as none of them believe the personal attacks they routinely ply against conservatives. There exists is no more insidious enemy to America than today’s democrat party.

    1. Well said , I can’t believe we’re we are headed if we don’t stand up and do someting!!!!

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