WATCH: Biden Just HANDED the Midterms to Republicans


biden promises post-midterm assault weapons ban 2022
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President Joe Biden outlined the Democrats’ post-midterm strategy for running a liberal American empire during a speech at a Democratic National Committee (DNC) rally in Maryland.

Biden admitted he would attempt to ban all ‘assault weapons’ if Democrats control congress after the 2022 midterms. Democrats will plan to enact radical support for abortion by permanently codifying Roe v. Wade.

“We’ll codify Roe v. Wade. We’ll ban assault weapons. We’ll protect social security and medicare. We’ll pass universal pre-K…”

Biden then made a curious statement about elections, “we’ll pass election reform…and we will make sure no one, no one ever has the opportunity to steal an election again…” Many have speculated about the meaning of this statement. 

Biden also blasted “MAGA Republicans” saying, “…I don’t respect these MAGA Republicans folks…”

House Democrats passed an assault weapons ban in July of 2022 and a bill banning high-capacity magazines in June 2022. Since the Left does not currently have control over the Senate, both of these bills died in their infancy. Presumably, with control over all branches of government, Democrats would certainly make good on their promise to take away the AR-style weapons from the hands of everyday Americans.

Luckily for Republicans, the Democrats likely will not retain such powerful political clout in Washington considering the questionable issues Biden is campaigning on. All recent issue-based polls show widespread concern over inflation and the economy among Americans.

6 Responses

  1. It Would Be A Joke to Say Joe Biden Means it When He Says He’ll Stamp Out The Kind Of Vote-Fraud That Got Him Into The White House In 2020, BUT HE’S DEAD SERIOUS!! No Laughter From Me!! There’s But One Way To Take Back This Still-Great Nation: VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER!!

  2. Biden is in such bad shape that he blurts out the actual truth, unknowingly. He said during last campaign”, that “they had the BEST group to CHEAT and WIN the 2020 Election, and there is nothing you can do”!
    Well, you can jump up and down all you want stating that the Election was NOT Stolen but I don’t buy it! The Voting machines shut down one night and President Trump was way up. They turn them.back on, “oh look at that every Vote went to Biden of the Votes entered overnight”! No way! This is the guy that hid in his basement and couldn’t Debate a stinking horse for crying out loud. Sounds more like the mumbling, bumbling old man spit the truth out accidentally. He even said there’s nothing you can do about it either”.

  3. This buffoon still doesn’t get it. Clearly a platform in which no one is interested. Apparently has not read the SCOTUS decision. Looks like middle class will be paying off the student debt forgiveness. 87,000 new IRS stooges with guns are Brandon’s new army to intimidate, harass, and threaten American citizens and have the buffoon’s permission to use force. This is a direct threat to Americans. The 2A is now more important than ever to protect Americans from a corrupt government.

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