Taxpayer-Funded Radio Airs SICK Abortion Audio (ICYMI)

NPR radio took heat from pro-Life groups earlier this month after airing sickening audio of a live suction abortion. NPR reporter Kate Wells took part in a trip to a Michigan abortion clinic where she aired numerous women in the waiting room, and also aired the audio of a live abortion in the procedure room.  […]

This is Karine Jean-Pierre’s MOST RIDICULOUS Statement Yet

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took the podium earlier this week to announce the Biden administration’s plans to fight back against the overturning of Roe v Wade. Those plans include using Medicaid resources in order to fund abortions across the United States, which would seem to be a clear violation of the Hyde amendment. […]

CULTURE SHOCK: Liberal College STANDS UP for Pro-Life Keynote Speaker

University of Michigan medical students walked out of their White Coat Ceremony in protest of the keynote speaker, Dr. Kristin Collier, simply because she is pro-life. Despite Dr. Collier having absolutely no intention of addressing the topic of abortion, the ignorant students had no interest in hearing from a highly-regarded medical professional who holds a […]

WATCH: Biden’s EMBARRASSING Teleprompter Gaffe

biden teleprompter mistake

President Joe Biden made a massive teleprompter mistake Friday afternoon.  In an “expanding abortion rights” speech, Biden read teleprompter instructions out loud rather than using them to guide his speech. “It is noteworthy that the percentage of women who register to vote and cast a ballot is consistently higher than the percentage of the men […]

[GRAPHIC] Liberal Says She’ll EAT Baby Fetuses Following Roe v. Wade Decision

insane liberal talks about eating fetuses following roe v wade decision

***GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING*** A young liberal female described in grotesque detail how she plans to eat baby fetuses following the Roe v. Wade decision last week. “I’m going to f*cking dumpster dive behind these g*ddamn abortion clinics…take those g*ddamn mushy little gumbear-looking a$$ b*ches and eat them right in front of you. I’m going to […]

VIDEO: AOC Demands Abortion on Federal Lands in Red States

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Socialist-NY) has a new rally cry for her fellow progressive socialists. She is calling on supporters to demand abortions on federal lands in America, especially in Republican-led states where abortions are now banned. WATCH: RELATED: Abortions Are Now ILLEGAL in THESE States

WATCH: Hillary Calls Clarence Thomas Angry Black Man, Sotomayor Comes to His Defense

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took to CBS this morning to discuss the Supreme Court’s overruling of Roe v Wade. In a sit-down with Gayle King, Clinton said she went to law school with Justice Clarence Thomas and called him a “person of grievance.” Clinton claims Thomas, long a thorn in the side of far-left […]

Abortions Are Now ILLEGAL in THESE States

Following last week’s landmark 5-4 Supreme Court vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, abortion centers across the United States are announcing an end to their practice.  The following abortion clinics have announced to reporters that they are closing immediately and are turning away women who are seeking to end the lives of their unborn children: […]

Pro-Abortion Vandals Attack Virginia Pregnancy Center

A pregnancy center in Lynchburg, Virginia was vandalized by pro-abortion radicals Friday night after the overturning of Roe v Wade. Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center was apparently attacked by the radical pro-infanticide movement “Jane’s Revenge,” who promised a “night of terror” last Friday. “If abortion ain’t safe, you ain’t safe,” reads one of the vandals’ graffiti […]