Abortions Are Now ILLEGAL in THESE States


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Following last week’s landmark 5-4 Supreme Court vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, abortion centers across the United States are announcing an end to their practice. 

The following abortion clinics have announced to reporters that they are closing immediately and are turning away women who are seeking to end the lives of their unborn children:


Hunter Hoagland reported early in the process that Planned Parenthood of Little Rock had canceled all scheduled abortions. Abortion is now illegal in Arkansas except in cases to save the mother’s life, according to interviews. 


A video taken by a Planned Parenthood abortionist in Wisconsin announced she “turn [people] away when they were seeking abortions”. 

West Virginia

The staff of an abortion clinic in West Virginia “spent Friday canceling the appointments of 60-70 patients”. 


An Alabama abortion clinic had to reportedly turn away women seeking abortions. 


According to JustTheNews.com, two Louisiana abortion providers have shut their doors and canceled all scheduled appointments. 

States Where Abortion Will Be Banned

The Washington Post released a comprehensive map of which states have trigger laws to ban abortions immediately, which states will ban abortion within one month and which states are likely to ban in the near future. 

More abortion clinics will announced canceled appointments as weeks go on, allowing the unborn a chance to survive. 

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