CULTURE SHOCK: Liberal College STANDS UP for Pro-Life Keynote Speaker


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University of Michigan medical students walked out of their White Coat Ceremony in protest of the keynote speaker, Dr. Kristin Collier, simply because she is pro-life. Despite Dr. Collier having absolutely no intention of addressing the topic of abortion, the ignorant students had no interest in hearing from a highly-regarded medical professional who holds a different personal opinion than they do.

Although over 300 students, alumni, and physicians at the ultra-liberal university petitioned to remove Dr. Collier as the keynote speaker, she proceeded to take the stage at Sunday’s ceremony.

But the woke medical students didn’t give up. Some walked out in protest as she walked up for her speech, and others draped a banner inside the auditorium that said, “Bans Off Our Bodies. Abortion Rights Now.”

Despite Collier being a highly respected professor who has published articles in some of the most prestigious medical journals, many medical students still rejected the opportunity to learn from her simple because her personal views on abortion differed from their own.

Collier has been an esteemed faculty member at the University of Michigan Medical School since 2005, and considered herself a “pro-choice atheist” until just four years ago when open debate caused her to change her mind entirely on the issue.

Dr. Kristin Collier

It’s frightening that our future medical professionals have been conditioned to reject anyone whose beliefs do not directly mimic their own.

However, in a move that’s uncharacteristic of today’s university administrators, Dean Marschall Runge defended the decision to keep Dr. Collier as the keynote speaker despite protests, saying that the school “would not revoke a speaker because they have different personal ideas than others.”

“The White Coat Ceremony is not a platform for discussion of controversial issues, and Dr. Collier never planned to address a divisive topic as part of her remarks,” said Runge. “Our values speak about honoring the critical importance of diversity of personal thought and ideas, which is foundational to academic freedom and excellence.”

Dean Marschall Runge

Another professor at the medical school, Dr. William Chavey, spoke out in defense of Dr. Collier. Chavey criticized the students who protested at the ceremony, saying “I suspect that the people who signed it don’t know Dr. Collier. She’s obviously been valued for her clinical skills, her educational skills, and her scholarship. To criticize or demean her for her opinion is narrow-minded and inappropriate.”

7 Responses

  1. We the People deserve to get a CERTIFIED LIST of these so-called Medical Students that walked out on this Professor, for down the road, should they have occasion to treat any of us, our families or our friends we need to know WHO we can trust to provide any necessary treatments, surgeries, etc. If they do not agree with the Hippocratic Oath of “First Do No Harm”, then they do not deserve to become Physicians and I do believe Destroying Fetuses and/or Babies in the Womb without due cause should fall within the purview of this most important and oldest Code of Ethics recognized by the Medical Profession and I do believe that it is still a recognized “Sworn agreement made by Physicians when they become Doctors”!

    1. I think you’ve missed the point. The point is that no matter what your beliefs are, you should not forbid others with different beliefs from yours from talking. In this case, the speaker did not believe in abortion, but her speech has nothing to do with abortion, and she is a respected physician in her field. People of good faith should not be canceled. Come to think of it, no person should be canceled; doing so shows a callous lack of respect for others, and a arrogant contempt for the First Amendment.

  2. These so-called medical professional students should be banned from medical practice. Abortionists do not follow the same oath as real doctors. In a real emergency, would they also walk away and let the patient die due to a different view as they have shown by walking out on the Doctor speaking?

  3. Obviously the University of Michigan’s admission policies for medical students are a failure as they have admitted students who should not be considered for medical service. What a shame. However, it all falls back on the quality of those elected as UM Regents. We have a chance to remedy the problem this fall when two Regents will be elected. Make your vote count.

  4. Typical left wingers….all ideas are accepted…..just as long as they mirror their own…..Fine doctors they will make….

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