HR Pro Says She Blackballs Conservatives: “We HATE You”

hr professional on tiktok vowing to fire canadian conservatives

“You have families to feed right?…F*ck yourself.”  A Human Resources professional in Ontario, Canada uploaded a video to TikTok, where she explained how Human Resources departments conspire to fire and prevent the hiring of those who participated in the Freedom Convoy or who take pro-freedom stances.  “You’re all loud and proud with your big thoughts […]

Jordan Peterson: Trusted Military Source Told Me to Take Money Out of Canadian Banks and Run – Situation “FAR Worse” than Previously Known

jordan peterson military source suggested removing money from banks

Popular Canadian author, speaker, and commentator Jordan Peterson announced over livestream that a trusted source within the Canadian armed forces suggested Peterson should withdraw his money from Canadian-operated banks and run. The suggestion came in response to the Canadian government freezing funds of political dissidents and those who financially supported the Freedom Convoy.  “I can’t […]

Channeling His Inner Castro, Trudeau Declares MARTIAL LAW on Canadian Freedom Convoy

justin trudeau declares martial law on canadian citizens

CANADA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used his executive power to declare martial law on the citizens of Canada. The move is targeted at the Freedom Convoy – a group of truckers protesting for medical freedom and against vaccine mandates. Trudeau announced Monday afternoon in a press conference that he was enacting the never-before-seen Emergency […]