Channeling His Inner Castro, Trudeau Declares MARTIAL LAW on Canadian Freedom Convoy


justin trudeau declares martial law on canadian citizens
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CANADA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used his executive power to declare martial law on the citizens of Canada. The move is targeted at the Freedom Convoy – a group of truckers protesting for medical freedom and against vaccine mandates. Trudeau announced Monday afternoon in a press conference that he was enacting the never-before-seen Emergency Act. The Emergency Act suspends the normal rights of Canadian citizens, giving absolute authority to the Canadian government. 

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, Trudeau’s second in command, warned protestors that their vehicles could be seized, bank accounts frozen and vehicle insurance suspended. 

This move is considered unprecedented, even by outlets like Yahoo News. The Emergency Act gives Trudeau the ability to jail dissidents and confiscate property at will. According to Section 8 of the official order, 

8 (1) While a declaration of a public welfare emergency is in effect, the Governor in Council may make such orders or regulations with respect to the following matters as the Governor in Council believes, on reasonable grounds, are necessary for dealing with the emergency:

(a) the regulation or prohibition of travel to, from or within any specified area, where necessary for the protection of the health or safety of individuals;

(b) the evacuation of persons and the removal of personal property from any specified area and the making of arrangements for the adequate care and protection of the persons and property;

(c) the requisition, use or disposition of property;

(d) the authorization of or direction to any person, or any person of a class of persons, to render essential services of a type that that person, or a person of that class, is competent to provide and the provision of reasonable compensation in respect of services so rendered;

(e) the regulation of the distribution and availability of essential goods, services and resources;

(f) the authorization and making of emergency payments;

(g) the establishment of emergency shelters and hospitals;

(h) the assessment of damage to any works or undertakings and the repair, replacement or restoration thereof;

(i) the assessment of damage to the environment and the elimination or alleviation of the damage; and

(j) the imposition

(i) on summary conviction, of a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars or imprisonment not exceeding six months or both that fine and imprisonment, or

(ii) on indictment, of a fine not exceeding five thousand dollars or imprisonment not exceeding five years or both that fine and imprisonment, for contravention of any order or regulation made under this section.

The military has not been mobilized at the moment of this writing. But police forces will be significantly increased by the federal government. The Canadian government is expected to begin forcefully removing trucks from roadways and bridges.  

The Premiers of Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and Saskatchewan formally oppose Trudeau’s decision to invoke the Emergency Act against the truckers. 

The Emergency Act was introduced in 1988 as part of the federal government’s invocation of the War Measures Act. 

Some have suggested Trudeau’s authoritarian action is reminiscent of another global leader, Fidel Castro. There have even been theories floating around promoting the idea that Trudeau could be Fidel Castro’s biological father. Whether or not this is true, we are certain left-wing Castro would approve of the freedom-crushing actions of Trudeau. 

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

Photo credits: CBC Canada.

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