Jordan Peterson: Trusted Military Source Told Me to Take Money Out of Canadian Banks and Run – Situation “FAR Worse” than Previously Known


jordan peterson military source suggested removing money from banks
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Popular Canadian author, speaker, and commentator Jordan Peterson announced over livestream that a trusted source within the Canadian armed forces suggested Peterson should withdraw his money from Canadian-operated banks and run. The suggestion came in response to the Canadian government freezing funds of political dissidents and those who financially supported the Freedom Convoy. 

“I can’t believe the state to which the country has degenerated…”

“I’ve been in contact with a reliable source within the Canadian military…he told me today by email if I had any sense, I would take my money out of the Canadian banks because the situation is far worse than I’ve been informed…” 

“[Prime Minister Trudeau] permanently destroyed 20% of the population’s faith in the entire Canadian banking system and stained the Canadian banking system’s reputation for decades…”

Trudeau invoked the Emergency Act last week for the first time in the nation’s history to crack down on anti-mandate protests breaking out in Ottawa. The state has frozen the funds of many donors, including $8 million on GiveSendGo, a private, Christian fundraising tool based in the United States.

The government has now moved to make asset freezing permanent under the Emergencies Act. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said in a press conference, “Some of those tools we will be putting forward measures to put those tools permanently in place.” 

The Biden administration has supported Trudeau in his quest to crush the dissent, including telling the Prime Minister to use federal power to stop the convoy. U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told the leadership of Canada to “use Federal Powers to resolve this situation at our border.” The governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitemer, also told Trudeau’s administration they should use all local, state and federal power to put down the anti-mandate protests. 

Photo credits: Breitbart.

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  1. The US is the last stand for what’s left of our Facade of freedom here.The Citizenry along with the Military and yes I’m calling out and on the oath keepers in our Military to save this Republic other Militaries around the world will find the courage to stand up and take a forceful stand against this encroaching tyranny.

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