DNC Advisor Calls Republicans “Domestic Terrorist Cell”

dnc advisor calls republicans domestic terrorists

A DNC advisor agreed with Biden’s decision to label conservatives as a threat to democracy and pushed it one step further: calling Republicans “domestic terrorists.” Kurt Bardella, an advisor to the Democratic Party and a contributor to USA Today, made his case for Republicans being a “domestic terrorist cell operating in America”: “Joe Biden has […]

WATCH: Biden Just HANDED the Midterms to Republicans

biden promises post-midterm assault weapons ban 2022

President Joe Biden outlined the Democrats’ post-midterm strategy for running a liberal American empire during a speech at a Democratic National Committee (DNC) rally in Maryland. Biden admitted he would attempt to ban all ‘assault weapons’ if Democrats control congress after the 2022 midterms. Democrats will plan to enact radical support for abortion by permanently […]

Corrupt DNC Changes Debate Rules, Disqualifies Tulsi Gabbard

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is causing controversy once again. It recently announced candidates would need at least 20% of pledged delegates to participate in the March 15 debate. Previously, candidates only needed one pledged delegate to qualify for the debate. People have good reason to think the DNC changed its rules to snub Tulsi […]

Three Takeaways From the Iowa Caucus

The Iowa Caucuses officially kicked off democratic primary season, and to call this circus eventful would be an understatement. Here are my biggest takeaways. Mayor Pete is for real. Over the last forty years, seven of the nine candidates to win the Iowa caucus went on to win the democratic nomination. Those are pretty good […]