The Inevitable Death of ‘Me Too’ At the Hands of the Left


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For years, the “Me Too” movement has been on the rise, and while it seems to have good intentions, it doesn’t. The “Me Too” movement isn’t what you think it is. Why? Because the movement doesn’t support all women and has been proven to be hypocritical in the last month or so. But before we dive in, we have to understand the intent of the “Me Too” Movement and why so many have fallen into the ‘believe all women except…” narrative. 

The “Me Too” movement was founded in 2006 by Tarana Burke. Her purpose for starting the movement was to help empower other women to stand up for themselves to help prevent cases of sexual assault. But the movement didn’t become ‘viral’ until 2017 when a hashtag by Alyssa Milano was created, encouraging women to utilize the hashtag #MeToo if they have been a victim of sexual assault. What was once used to be a good thing, has not spiraled out of control. It’s not because of Burke because in many ways, she is a strong leader in her movement. It is because of the hypocrisy that has tainted what #MeToo once represented. 

The hashtag took off after the sexual allegations of Harvey Weinstein as many women shared their stories on various social media platforms. Burke’s founding of the movement was completely ignored, and instead other women became the face of it, who, didn’t really deserve to be there in the first place. It’s not because of who they are, but credit should go where credit is due and, in this case, that never happened. Instead, the hashtag spiraled out of control with story after story, and celebrities became the face of a movement that didn’t start with them. 

Over the past few years, the movement has become even more tainted and, dare we say, irrelevant. It was a strong force in the face of the Brett Kavanaugh trial. The phrase “believe all women” came into fruition, and social media blew up with women all across the board who believed Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault. But the issue with Ford is that the evidence she provided wasn’t reliable, and her case was weak. Even so, it was still important to believe her because she, in fact, was a woman. This phrase has been attached to the “Me Too” movement for some time now but has recently been ‘flipped upside down.’

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