The Wuhan Whistleblowers


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Two unsung heroes of this Wuhan virus crisis were at the very center of the pandemic—Wuhan. Dr. Li Wienliang and Dr. Ai Fen, now dead or missing, courageously spoke out to warn the world of the dangers of the virus despite ruthless efforts of the Chinese Communist Party to suppress their message and silence them permanently. 

Ophthalmologist Dr. Li Wienliang contracted the Wuhan virus in January while treating an infected patient. Li then garnered international attention when he spoke out about the serious nature of the Wuhan virus, posting on Wiebo (the Chinese Twitter) that doctors needed to wear protective gear when treating those with the virus. The Chinese government then arrested Li, accusing him of spreading “rumors” and having “severely disturbed the social order.” Radio Free Asia reported on February 3 that journalists in Wuhan were being pressured by the government not to report on previous Chinese government efforts to hide the gravity of the virus outbreak. Li was a victim of this cover-up job. 

On February 6, Breitbart reported Li’s death. He purportedly died of the Wuhan virus, but since Li was only 34 years old, far below the septuagenarian-age average for the virus’ victims, some have speculated that Li’s death was due to abuse during his imprisonment. 

Dr. Li Wienliang was the first to speak out, but he was not the last. Dr. Ai Fen, director of emergency management at Wuhan Central Hospital, followed Li’s lead in standing up to the relentless Chinese Communist Party (CCP) line. Breitbart and the U.K. Guardian quote Ai as saying, “If I could have known, I would have told everyone, even though I was warned … if only time could be turned back.” Two weeks ago, Ai spoke up in a courageous interview that was a harsh indictment of the cover-up policies of the CCP. 

According to Ai, the CCP has been consistently covering up the Wuhan virus epidemic and took far too long to admit that the virus could be transmitted between humans. Just as with Li, Ai was accused by the CCP of “spreading rumors” because of her revelations. “I am not a whistleblower. I am the one who provided the whistle,” Ai declared. 

The CCP aggressively tried to wipe out all traces of the interview on social media. They also strong-armed the newspaper with which Ai interviewed into basically acting as if the interview had never happened. The Australian media has since reported that Ai has mysteriously disappeared. Some speculate that the CCP, having deleted her interview, may have decided to delete Ai herself. 

Li’s and Ai’s stories are sobering reminders of what happens in a country where fake news is mandated, where individuals’ lives mean nothing, and where the government has given itself carte blanche to perpetrate any injustice against or tyranny over its citizens. Let it be a warning to us. The constitutional rights to freedom of assembly, freedom to practice religion, and immunity against having property confiscated by the government without just compensation (ask the small business owners who just closed their doors) have already been practically revoked and trampled in the mud. A few “experts” hold 327 million people’s lives in the hollow of their hands, as they tell the government officials how to force us to live our lives. The main stream media is doing its level best to whip up as much hysteria as it possibly can, and to blame Trump personally for every single death. 

The Wuhan virus deaths are never put into context—for instance, in 2018, the United Nations reported that 7,452 people die every day in the U.S. (approximately one every 12 seconds). That’s 2,719,980 people (yes, over 2 million) who die every year in the U.S. In contrast, 3,890 people have died as of March 31 overall in the U.S. from the Wuhan virus (7,251 have recovered). The median age of death from the coronavirus is 75 years of age, and most of those who die have preexisting conditions. (Incidentally, the CDC estimates between 24,000 and 62,000 deaths from the seasonal flu 2019-2020 in the U.S.)

So, for those of you who are elderly or who have preexisting conditions, please stay home and take care of yourselves. I sincerely pray that you may not catch the virus. For the rest of us, perhaps we should start pressuring our government to stop restricting our lives. Every one of us is going to die at some point. We will not be immortal because we locked ourselves in our houses to avoid the Wuhan virus. As the character Rose told her husband in Moonstruck, to remind him that moral fiber was more important than seeking eternal youth, “Cosmo, I just want you to know—no matter what you do, you’re still going to die.” 

Perhaps now would be an excellent time to remember the warning of Founding Father Benjamin Franklin, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

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