These Leftists Mocked Trump After His COVID Diagnosis. They are Awfully Quiet Now.


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Following President Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis earlier this month, numerous left-wing celebrities and activists have been celebrating on Twitter, blaming the President’s condition on himself and gloating about it in a series of nasty tweets. Some, like, Michael Moore, even claimed the President was lying about his diagnosis to gain the sympathy of voters. Now that President Trump has beaten the virus in under two weeks with no issues, these celebrities are awfully quiet:

“Comedian,” Kathy Lee Griffin, started the parade of mocking and insulting tweets by tweeting “I’d like to volunteer to be your caregiver. I’m a patriot.” Griffin has a history of sending disturbing tweets since the President took office in 2016. A few years ago, Griffin posted a tweet of her holding the president’s bloodied head severed from his body, which drew condemnation from both sides of the political aisle and amongst some celebrities as well. Griffin got into a fight in 2019 with Don Cheadle for him not defending her over the head flap incident on twitter. Griffin also went on numerous other rants against the President as well.

Michael Moore, another left-wing celebrity and activist, also used his personal Facebook page to attack the President in lengthy rants.  “There is absolutely no proof about Trump. He is consistent, absolute, unrelenting and a professional liar. A Serial liar. A Factually proven liar.” Moore started his rant saying. “How many lies now does the Washington Post proven in these four years? 25,000? A lie at least twice during every waking hour? Even the worst one you couldn’t say that about.” 

Moore went on to claim that the President’s doctor during the 2016 campaign, Dr. Bornstein, lied about Trump’s health.

Other celebrities who celebrate the diagnosis included film-director, Rob Reiner, who said “That Damn Hoax.” 

The celebrities (along with news organizations) also blamed the President as being a “super spreader,” pointing to the President’s gathering at the White House a few weeks ago for the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Amy Barrett, yet not saying anything when the riots took place a couple of months ago throughout the different cities of the country.

The Washington Post even sent out a tweet categorizing it as “opinion,” saying, “Imagine what it’d be like never to think about Trump again,” a tweet that WaPo later deleted. 

The president was just cleared this weekend by his doctor saying that he’s not a threat to the public as a spreader of the disease. We wish the President and First Lady continued health moving forward!

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