This GOP Congressman Just Asked for a Statue of Ukraine’s Zelensky In U.S. Capitol; MTG Says ‘Absolutely NOT’


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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) slammed a resolution brought forth by South Carolina GOP congressman Joe Wilson calling for a bust of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy to be displayed at the Capitol.

Wilson’s resolution declares the Fine Arts Board responsible for obtaining a bust of Zelenskyy “for display in the House of Representatives wing of the United States Capitol” in a “permanent location.”

The resolution currently has zero co-sponsors and has been referred to the House Committee on House Administration.

Taking to Twitter to slam Wilson’s resolution, Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote, “Absolutely NOT … We serve AMERICA NOT UKRAINE!”

Newsmax political correspondent DeAnna Lorraine tweeted her thoughts on Wilson’s wild idea to memorialize Zelensky in the hallowed halls of the Capitol.

“If you’re a Republican but you sponsor legislation to put a bust of Zelenskyy in the US Capitol, you’re a pathetic RINO,” she wrote.

“Looking at you, [Rep. Joe Wilson].”

Wilson voted against the impeachment of Trump and also backed a MAGA-supporting challenger in Rep. Nancy Mace’s (R-SC) primary race.

However, Wilson has strayed from the America First movement on foreign policy, supporting billions in aid and even saying Russia and Ukraine’s war reminds him of the American Revolution.

3 Responses

  1. I don’t think Joe Wilson is a RINO,… and I fully support Ukraine and Zelensky in their valiant fight to repel the Putin-Kremlin-Russian invasion of their Sovereign Nation. The UKRAINIANS are the ones fighting, suffering, and dying for their land NOT the American military,… and I believe that the Biden Admin is NOT DOING ENOUGH in providing Ukraine with the weapons they need—-particularly Fighter Jets,… which would more quickly allow Ukraine to force the Russian-Invader out of ALL of Ukraine. Remember the ‘Budapest Agreement’ of 1994, in which the USA, Britain, AND Russia agreed to guarantee Ukrainian border Sovereignty from Russian-Invasion in exchange for DISARMING THEMSELVES,.. giving up all of their rated-3rd-in-the-world Nuclear weapons , bbombers, fighters, etc.. to Russia! So we have a serious OBLIGATION to support Ukraine against this Russian-invasion (and which Obama did NOTHING during the 2014 invasion! ). This is NOT ‘Afghanistan’. Our tax-money and wepons-support must e acounted for,… but must also be given. Ukraine is an ally of freedom,…. Putin-Kremlin-Russia is NOT!
    I also strongly support protecting our OWN borders from the ‘Illegals-Invasion’. We can walk and chew gum at the same time,… we can support protecting our and Ukraine’s national sovereignty at the same time against Globalist-tyranny, or simply megalomania avarice! I really like Zelensky–he’s a great war-time leader, and I don’t agree with many of the attacks on his character,… but I don’t think a bust or statue of him in Congress is NOT appropriate at this time.

  2. Hell no. We need to get ready for the war with china/russia and maybe iran, we can’t support an endless war,we just got the hell out of one, in afghanistan, humiliated by hidenbiden,spineless retreat, leaving Americans and allies hostage, and 13 young soldiers slaughtered, and hundreds afghans killed,because of deadly policies by hidenbiden, and his minions.

  3. I feel for him but we’ve sunk enough American dollars into Ukraine, we have to endless this never ending demand for money, Equipment and mutions, biden is all to happy to give all our resources away but it needs to stop. We have our own problems here, homeless Vets and other needs.

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