WATCH: Dem Rep. Who Worried Guam Would ‘CAPSIZE’ Suggests Classified Biden Docs Were PLANTED


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Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson of Georgia recently suggested that newly-discovered classified documents found in President Joe Biden’s think tank and Delaware garage could have been “planted.”

The 68-year-old, who infamously worried that the Island of Guam could possibly capsize into the ocean due to overpopulation during a House Committee hearing, floated the conspiracy on Thursday in Washington when asked by reporters about the developing situation. 

“Alleged classified documents showing up allegedly in the possession of Joseph Biden.. I’m suspicious of the timing of it,” Johnson said Thursday in an exchange with a Fox News reporter.

“I’m also aware of the fact that things can be planted, people, places, and things can be planted in places, and then conveniently discovered,” Johnson continued.

Johnson gained notoriety for the wrong reasons in 2010 when he was a member of the House Armed Services Committee and asked retired Admiral Robert Willard during a hearing whether he was concerned that the presence of American troops would cause the Island of Guam to capsize.

“My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize,” Johnson seriously asked the now-retired commander. 

Watch the clip:

Admiral Willard responded by saying that he wasn’t concerned about the Island possibly tipping over and assured the Congressmen that was not an issue he should be concerned about. 

Hank Johnson has made other inflammatory statements, including comparing former President Trump to Adolf Hitler.

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Johnson also praised Attorney General Merrick Garland Thursday, saying, “It is refreshing to see the Department of Justice restored from its politicization during the Trump years, and I applaud Attorney General Garland for acting swiftly in appointing a special counsel to investigate the Biden document discoveries.” 

AG Garland announced Thursday that attorney Robert Hur will be overseeing the investigation into the Biden document investigation.

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