THOMAS: Join me in Boycotting Masks… as we Measure the Tyrant’s Resolve.


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Good day, fellow patriot.  I have stunning news.  Last week I flew from Pennsylvania to California – without wearing a mask.  I also don’t wear one in the stores or in church, and only at work if an employer requests it.

My state, Pennsylvania, has been one of the toughest states regarding mask requirements, and I live in a liberal city that’s even stricter.  I’ve been ignoring the mask rules since April of 2020 anyway, and only one employee at one business – a craft store – has confronted me about it.

If you believe masks work, that’s your prerogative.  Other pens have covered that issue.  This is for those of you who reject them, and need to follow up your beliefs with action.  

The county where I live votes Republican about half the time, even if the city I reside in never does, so I know that when I go to shop or worship, I’m seeing many of my fellow conservatives, libertarians, and Trump supporters. 

And yet you’re all wearing masks.  You’ve told me on social media that you don’t want to, and that you don’t think they work.  That you can’t breathe properly in them, and that you think they’re dehumanizing.  You certainly know by now that forcing you to wear one deprives you of a myriad of Constitutional rights.   

And yet…you wear one.  I know you do, because I’m not blind. 

I’m not telling you to be stupid about it.  I put on my mask for the two minutes it took to get by airport security.  I put it on once or twice more for about ten seconds when an especially zealous flight attendant was doing “mask checks.”  And as an attorney, I generally ask judges if I can remove it in court (almost all say yes). 

But while I’m not telling you to be stupid, I am asking you to have courage. 

Each of us is in the trenches fighting for our freedom, and the bullets zipping overhead are scary.  We’re told daily to obey, not just mask requirements, but pandemic-related rules in general.  That if we don’t, our government will jail us or fine us or get us fired from our jobs.  And I understand why most of you are afraid to openly ignore those threats. 

But I’ve done the experiment for you.  I stuck my head out of the trench, and I can tell you a secret.  The bullets aren’t real.  I’m the only one I see consistently not wearing a mask, and the lockdown advocates still don’t have the courage to come after me.  Imagine if I had a few friends who would take a stand.    

For many months liberty-minded Americans have tried to tell government officials how we feel about the shutdowns and face coverings, but it hasn’t worked.  Politicians have doubled down, proclaimed stricter requirements, and talked of extending those requirements through 2022 – over a year from now.  You have a right to breath the free air, to open your business, and to gather with friends.  The question is not whether you can, but whether you will. 

Mask requirements are not going to end on their own – our government has shown us that.  The attempts to destroy small businesses (with large corporations benefiting) aren’t going to be over anytime soon either.  Public officials can’t put tens of millions of us in jail, and they won’t even try – but they’re happy to see you continuing to follow their edicts.

So here it is.  I can tell you from firsthand experience that there’s nothing to be afraid of.  I can tell you that the liberty you desire is within your grasp.  Maybe you’ll run into more resistance than I have, but if we all take the masks off and open our businesses, the few who want to force the issue are going to get very tired of trying to impose their rules.  Until you act, however, I’m just that one oddball who doesn’t play the game – easily dismissed, and easily ignored.  So… be my friend?

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