Two Robbers Steal $35k of Electronics from California Apple Store as Employees Look On


robbery at a palo alto apple store by two men
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NOTE: Our publication is reporting this event as a “robbery” due to a reported threat of general violence. Some outlets are reporting this as a “theft”, indicating no implied or explicit physical harm. This will be updated if future more clarifying information is offered.

PALO ALTO, CA – Two individuals were caught on video stealing nearly every device on an Apple store sales floor on Black Friday as employees looked on. 

In a video released by Twitter journalist PPV-Tahoe, the Palo Alto, California store was assaulted by two hooded and masked black men wearing backpacks. The men went through the store, violently ripping devices off the sales floor docking area and stashing in their backpacks. 

Employees lacked any real resistance to the robbers on video. They herded customers away from the scene, trying to draw attention away from the robbery taking place. At one point during the recording a customer can be heard saying, “yooooo [sic]… should we stop them?”.

According to news outlet Palo Alto Online, the robbers managed to steal $35,000 in merchandise. They also reported that a store employee heard one of the robbers threaten the crowd of shoppers with a general threat of physical violence if anyone tried to intervene. The two men escaped in a red Mazda3 hatchback and traveled north on U.S. Highway 101. 

front area of palo alto apple store
Front view of Apple Store in Palo Alto, California | Google Maps
map of palo alto apple store location
Palo Alto, CA Apple Store located in the Bay area between San Francisco and San Jose | Google Maps

The Apple Store is located at 340 University Avenue in Palo Alto, California.

No arrests have been made and anyone with information about the thieves is asked to call the police department’s dispatch center at 650-329-2413. 

The reaction to the robbery online was a mixed bag of partially shocked and partially not surprised. A cryptocurrency account going by the name of “KALEO” offered commentary on the event. 

He said, “Society is so broken in California that employees are basically trained to help assist tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise being stolen right in front of them (notice them holding customers back) as everyone else just stands around and watches. How did we get here?” 

Another user quote-tweeted KALEO and suggested the reason why the employees and customers put up so little resistance to such a large crime is that the customers feared committing “the ultimate evil” of “racism.”

California has created an atmosphere of leniency on crime for social justice reasons. Yesterday, Rogue Review reported on a new report that pedophiles are being released early from California prisons due to ideological persuasions of powerful liberals operating in the state government. 

Photo credits: Google Maps, PPV_Tahoe on Twitter.

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