HOLCOMB: The Pandemic Amnesty They Won’t Get


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About a month ago The Atlantic ran a column calling for our society to declare, what the writer called, a “pandemic amnesty.” In essence, saying that forgiving and forgetting what society did not know of the COVID pandemic for the last two and a half years and everything that was done during that time ought to be given a grace period.

“We had no idea masks didn’t work,” they say. 

Everything from mask mandates for children in the government school systems, to COVID shot mandates that caused hard-working Americans to lose their jobs, to being ostracized by friends and family members…poof…all gone and forgotten… just like that. According to the writer, that’s the best way forward. 

The firestorm on social media in response to this op-ed was swift and decisive. Amazingly, there were still leftists that doubled down on their own indoctrination and propaganda saying, “The truth is: most kids tolerate masks just fine, very little evidence they are harmful, lots of reason to think they could be beneficial, transmission in schools definitely happens. If schools won’t install filters, masking is reasonable. Especially in winter.” 

Truthfully, all we can really do is pray for these individuals. In order to break down this level of, what Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone have called “mass formation psychosis,” you have to slowly break down layer after layer of indoctrination that could take years. 

That being said, we know that masks don’t work, the shots never prevented transmission of the virus, and masking children has actually now been indicated to have caused “severe psychological damage.” 

We were all blatantly lied to. The entire time. They will not get a pandemic amnesty. 

On top of this nearly three-year period of gaslighting from our ever-wise and benevolent overlords, they successfully got half of the population to view those who resisted tyranny as threats to society and deserving of perpetual house arrest until capitulation

Unfortunately, they had the help of major Christian evangelical leaders to do their bidding in America’s churches. The Daily Wire’s Megan Basham wrote in First Things

The tactics of spiritual manipulation used by evangelical leaders to promote the left’s climate agenda were honed during their earlier championing of the Covid-19 propaganda of Francis Collins, former director of the National Institutes of Health and a prominent evangelical. Loving your neighbor required wearing masks, shutting down churches for months, and receiving an experimental genetic vaccine. Failure to do these things was failure to obey God, and those who resisted this commandment were damaging the witness of the Church to a watching world.

Rick Warren, megachurch pastor and author of The Purpose Driven Life, exhorted Christians in an interview with Collins: “Wearing a mask is the great commandment: love your neighbor as yourself.” New York pastor Tim Keller opined that churches that continued to meet in defiance of lockdown measures represented “the bad or the ugly” of Christian responses to the virus. And Ed Stetzer, executive director of the Billy Graham Center, warned that Christians who spread “conspiracy theories” (such as the idea that the virus escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China) needed to “repent” and “consider taking Christian off [their social media profiles] so the rest of us don’t have to share in the embarrassment.”

Now, we know that Ed Stetzer needs to do some real repenting for condemning members of the body of Christ as liars when they were the only truth-tellers when pastors couldn’t be relied upon. 

Tim Keller could use a helpful reminder of “rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and rendering unto God what is God’s.” We are commanded to meet and partake in the Lord’s Supper. Churches that refused to open back up have real soul-searching and repentance to do. 

It would be good for Rick Warren to remember to not put stumbling blocks in the way for people to come to Christ. Warren fell for the age-old tactic of a false idea of love, and the most loving thing we could possibly do is embrace God’s image-bearers as washed clean in the blood of Christ rather than his tactic of turning away the unclean leper because they wouldn’t wear a mask. 

Francis Collins, himself, has defended using aborted baby parts in experimental research. 

“After all, pregnancy termination is, at the present time, legal in the United States. Whether you’re in support of it or not, it’s happened …” Collins said, according to the report. “The material from those elective abortions is discarded. There are aspects of fetal tissue that can be extremely valuable in understanding how life works, how development happens, and how to treat certain diseases like Parkinson’s disease, for instance.”

Note: This quote was taken before the Dobbs v. Jackson decision overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Case. 

In all, spare me the “pandemic amnesty” talk. 

We are commanded to forgive, and so we do joyfully as Christ has forgiven us. What kind of Christians would we be if we refused to forgive those who have wronged us when we, ourselves, continue to wrong a righteous and holy God daily? 

I’m just not going to forget this, and would call into question the clarity with which our Christian leaders are thinking.

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