U.S. University KICKS OUT Over 200 Unvaccinated Students


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This past week over 200 students have been disenrolled from the University of Virginia after failing to meet the requirements for the vaccination mandate that was issued earlier this summer.

Caroline Newman a journalist for the University stated that the school has had over “96.6%” of incoming students declare their vaccination status being completed with both shots.

“Vaccines are required for all students who wish to live and study in-person at UVA during the 2021-22 academic year, unless they were granted a medical or religious exemption.”

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The students who have had their exemptions approved must be “tested weekly and wear a mask indoor and outdoor.”

In addition to the student vaccination rate, teachers are at a 92% rate. This early August leaders of the University concluded that because the vaccination rate among teachers and students is so high that they will return to in-person learning and in-person events like sports venues.

Schools that are making such policies are facing serious backsplash from students and parents alike, who say that the practice of vaccination mandates is not ethical or legal, and is coercive.

Public schools and universities are just a few domains where mandates are seen. Hospitals, businesses, and clinics are also moving toward mandatory vaccinations.

It’s even MORE discriminatory at THIS Connecticut college:

Quinnipiac University has also issued new regulations to students via email, explaining it will apply a weekly fee of up to $2,275 per semester for unvaccinated students, mandatory weekly COVID-19 tests, and loss of access to campus network and WiFi.

The email detailing these penalties was sent to roughly 600 students who had not submitted any proof of vaccination. Less than 10,000 students attend Quinnipiac, per a university spokesperson.

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“Our goal is to protect the health of our entire university community,” the email read. “In order to accomplish this we must know if you have been vaccinated.” Quinnipiac University will begin classes on Aug. 30 and has implemented other mandates to keep COVID-19 cases down.

On Aug. 2, the school announced that masks must be worn in all indoor settings, and it is also encouraging students to test themselves for COVID-19 five days ahead of returning to campus. The e-mail expressed regret at having to impose these measures but said that the current spread of COVID-19 infections fueled by the delta variant will require ‘mass vaccinations’ to build stronger immunity in the student body.

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Connecticut has seen a growing number of China Virus cases recently.

As of Tuesday, the state reported it has had 364,891 positive cases. Approximately 72% of Connecticut residents have received the first dose of the vaccine, and over 64% are fully vaccinated, according to the Mayo Clinic.

8 Responses

  1. Well said, American. I can assure you, that the powers that be love people who do whatever they say, no questions asked, but do you know what I call that? Slavery.

  2. The above statement says it all, I can just add, “You can’t fix STUPID” not even if attending university!!

  3. Anyone so stupid as to be an anti-Vaxxer is definitely not college material.
    These fools have not seen iron lungs, people in braces, people dying and family members dying within hours of each other.
    The health they enjoy and perhaps their very lives are due to vaccinations.
    In my day, both in school and in the military, you took vaccinations no questions asked.
    Now idiots claim that is a matter of freedom. They have a right to die, but their freedom ends when they assume that they have the right to infect others.
    Our basic Constitutional rights include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
    Without life, all rights are null and void.

    1. Let me ask you, seeing the vaccine itself provide NO IMMUNITY from the virus itself, is still transmitted through vaccinated people and only lessons the symptoms. How exactly are you protecting anyone? If vaccinated you can still give it and still get it. (Of course, with less symptoms) that’s what they say. If you do not get vaccinated. You can still get it and still transmit it. Natural immunity keeps most from dying. *Note, more dye in automobile accidents daily. Who is keeping who safe? How can u logically say it will prevent anything? Stop pointing fingers about who you think is smart and start looking at the science. Just because you did your “manatory” obligation of taking whatever vaccine they said doesn’t mean you are bullet proof. We all get to decide. Oddly enough it’s only the vaccinated with evil hatred in their hearts for those of us that want a choice. Funny how that works.

      1. If everyone is vaccinated, there will be no one to catch the virus from, right? The “breakthrough” cases happen when a vaccinated person comes in contact with someone who is spreading the virus…usu. an unvaccinated person who has the virus but not showing symptoms yet. If everyone in a community is vaccinated, it would be pretty hard for the virus to continue to proliferate!

    2. Lester, Lester, Lester will you please give a layman’s explanation of the technology and how the polio vaccines work and the COVID experimental gene therapy works?

    3. You need to read more about what’s in the vaccines. We are not communist the last time I read the constitution. I have had every other vaccine and the flu shot every year.

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