Ukrainian Teen Begging For Return To War Zone After Just 2 Months In Chaotic San Francisco Schools (DETAILS)


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Yana, a 13-year-old Ukrainian teen who fled her home country for California last year, is reportedly yearning for a return to the European war zone after just two months in a San Francisco public school.

She first attended Marina Middle School in January but quickly realized that California is nothing close to the idyllic picture of America.

“I thought it was going to be better because it’s San Francisco,” Yana told the San Francisco Chronicle in an interview.

“But after two days, I saw everything going on at the school.”

Yana then described chaos in the school, saying unhinged packs of students regularly cause classroom disturbances and scream at instructors without consequence.

“Nothing happened,” Yana said.

Yana has even dealt with bullying herself and claimed she was threatened by classmates. The district denied Yana’s request to transfer away from the school, and Yana has not been back to class since, the Blaze reports.

The Chronicle reports:

Yana just wants to go back to her hometown in central Ukraine, back to the only school she knew before the war, even as her mom and aunt have started to research camps and other programs in San Francisco to occupy the summer months.

A January report from the San Francisco Examiner also discussed the chaos in a different San Francisco public school.

Teachers, counselors and security staff who have left or are still working at the Fillmore Street school report that recent incidents include students recording videos of themselves as they beat another student, three female students assaulting a special-education student, and a student bringing an air gun to school — all without documented suspensions at the time of those incidents.

Meanwhile, teachers and counselors report there are five to 15 students in the hallway much of the time while classes are in session. The students scream at teachers, throw food at each other and intimidate other students, some of whom are afraid to go to the bathroom.


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  1. Can she relocate away from the coastal wastelands? American South or Midwest teachers have not given up the love for their profession.

  2. Gavin Newsom, another slimy democRAT hell bent on destroying this nation, has turned Mexifornia into a third world lawless country, and he wants to be president. Think on that for a while and whoever is stupid enough to vote for him deserves everything bad that they are going to get.

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